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Running out of things to eat until your grocery shopping trip can be a nightmare. I love a fridge over flowing with food. With very little left I it was a case of making do and I concocted this very quick and easy soup.

Ingredients (vegetarian, makes 2 servings)

1 large sweet potato

2 tbsps. of creamed coconut

3 cups of almond milk

Bake a sweet potato and scoop out the flesh or leave the skin on if you like your extra fibre like me.  Add the sweet potato flesh to a blender along with the almond milk and coconut cream and blitz together until well combined.  Either heat the soup up on the hob or in the microwave.

It really is as simple as that!

After baking the sweet potato in the microwave this soup was virtually ready in minutes. It’s a great one to make if you forgot to pack your lunch the night before and are stuck for what to eat. It takes the same time to make this soup as it does a green smoothie. Plus it makes 2 servings so there is plenty left for when you are pushed for time on an other occasion.

What are your favourite go to meals when your cupboards are almost bare?

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