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So my day started with a huge package that I have been waiting anxiously to arrive.  Those lovely people at FAGE have sent me a huge supply of yoghurt to sample and review and a collection of tasty looking recipes to try…

I can’t wait to try out the recipes they can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, so I’ll let you know how I get on.  After opening my package it was time for a morning workout, which constisted of the Tracy Anderson Method’s Mat Workout; 50 leg repetitions, 40 ab repetitions, standing abs, weighted and unweighted arm sections…OUCH!  After all of that hard core muscular structure work I was definetly hungry and only a delicious bowl of cherry and almond oats would do.

Cherry Almond Oats

  • 1/3 cup of organic jumbo oats
  • 2 tbsp of semi-skimmed milk
  • 1.5 cups of  water
  • 1 tsp of agave nectar/honey
  • handful of organic fresh cherries
  • 1 tbsp of unsweetened coconut
  • sprinkling of slivered almonds
  • 1 tsp of almond butter

It was much tastier than it looks in the picture.  I will definetly be having this again very soon.  I also recommend warming the cherries with the oats as they go all soft and gooey…yum!

Those oats were the perfect energiser for my 3 mile walk to uni.  I don’t have to walk but National Grid are doing major works in the area and the traffic is horrendous with the work and school rush.  So instead of taking the bus or driving God gave me two feet so I’m going to use them.  Plus all the walking ups my cardio too- an added benefit.

Lunch was supposed to be minestrone and lentil soup, however…

as you can see it was more than a stew/casserole type thing.  I thought I put enough stock in but the pearl barley and red lentil must have absorbed most of that…obviously!  Although my blunder was not such a disaster it was actually very nice and very filling.  I have loads of left overs too, which is never a bad thing.

A stressful afternoon conducting experiments in my lab meant that a snack was required in the form of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt 2% with honey.  It was just what I needed thick creamy yoghurt with sticky sweet honey…delicious.

The apple became my pre-walk snack back home.  Yup! Another 3 miles! Although this walk was worth it as when I got home guess what I found waiting for me?????

Another special delivery!  This time from Rude Health who make “a range of muesli, porridge, granola and cereals with no added salt, refined sugars or rubbish. We choose our ingredients like we choose our friends: we like them wild, not refined. So we use naturally sweet ingredients like honey and maple syrup, and never over-process the grains. Instead we rely on the highest-quality, sustainably-produced fruits, nuts and seeds to make breakfasts you fly out of bed for.”  I think that’s breakfast sorted for tomorrow =D

Have a lovely evening!

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