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I have a small dilemma that I need your help with…

I’ve been thinking about getting a regular organic veg and fruit box delivered to my house each week, however I have some reservations:

1.  Will I end up with the same items every week;

2.  Will I be able to use all of the products before the next box arrives;

3.  What if I don’t like the items in the box;

4.  Even though I have ordered the veg box will I still end up buying more stuff from the supermarket/green grocers.

I have been looking at a few of the big companies that deliver to my area like and and I am impressed by both companies.  There are also some smaller local farms that offer a delivery service.

I know some of you guys have veg boxes delivered and I would really appreciate your thoughts and advice on how you picked the company that you get your boxes from and how you chose your boxes. 😀

Anyway lets talk food…For breakfast yeasterday I had a delicious bowl of Dorset Cereal Simply Nutty Muesli topped with extra oats and granola.  I find that the portions in their variety packs are way too small for me or maybe I’m just greedy?!!? 🙂

For lunch I made up a quick salad using the butternut squash I had roasted on Sunday.  I also included spinach, black-eyed beans, adzuki beans and brown rice.

Recently I have been using dark leafy vegetables as the base for my salads, such as spinach or cabbage,  and add a variety of other vegetables.  This way I can heat the salads up in the microwave for a minute or so to take the cold snap out of them. I later also ate and apple and an orange.I found a pack of salted tamarind in my cupboard that I bought from the Chinese supermarket a while ago.

So I decided to use it to make some pad Thai noodles with turkey and vegetables for dinner.

It was so yummy!  The tamarind offered a sourness to the dish, although it didn’t look so pleasant when it was soaking in boiling water…

For dessert I thought I would try the Hazelnut and Almond Rice Milk that I picked up on my shopping trip.  I’ve always wanted to try white hot chocolate with frozen berries, so I heated the rice milk and served it with some mixed frozen berries.

This particular rice milk is very sweet.  Not in an over powering way but you definitely don’t have to add any extra sugar or sweeteners.  I love this as a dessert it’s really simple, but the sweetness of the milk really goes well with the tart berries…yum!

I went for my usual 3 mile run this morning.  However, I never did my intensity intervals this time, the ground was still frosty and I thought I was going to slip so I just stuck to a steady pace.  I needed to refuel after my run so for breakfast I had a huge bowl of Super Fruity Muesli with warm soya milk, a sliced apple and a a little bit of granola .

I never used to be a fan of muesli as the brands that I used to buy always had that saw dust texture, but this one is crunchy and packed full of goodies! 🙂

For lunch I ate a salad made from sweetheart cabbage, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, and smoked tofu.

In the afternoon was quite exciting in the lab today.  There was a major gas leak in the medical school building next door, which meant road closures and evacuation of the surrounding buildings.  This included the Biological Science Building where my lab is based.  It was literally a drop everything and leave situation.   No one was allowed back in the building so everyone was homeward bound.  This meant I had plenty of time to fit in my muscular structure work.  The work out was great and very challenging so I knew that I would need some fuel beforehand.

Dinner tonight was my with butternut squash, brussel sprouts and brown rice…

I think I am going to have a huge mug of hot chocolate made with cocoa and vanilla soya milk and maybe a chocolate chip and an apple.

Have a great evening everyone!

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