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WOW!  Talk about a mad day at work.  Everyone is definitely in the swing of their Christmas shopping.  It was complete mayhem!  Although I secretly love watching customers dashing around the shops.  For me it wouldn’t be Christmas without that stressful shopping experience.  I totally love everything about this seasons festivities: the lights, buying and wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, the food and most importantly my special family.  I even started my Christmas shopping today, so I am officially in the zone where Christmas is concerned.

Now for some eats! 🙂

Yesterday morning for breakfast I whipped up a Berry Green Smoothie.

I added spinach, cucumber, apple, mixed frozen berries and cocoa and berrie ground flax.  This was delicious by itself, but I just had to add mixed fruit and nuts, golgi berries and some Rude Health Super Fruity Muesli…yum!

A few hours after breakfast I went for a 4 mile run.  The weather was great, sunny and warm…a perfect autumn day.  This was such a great run as once I started I couldn’t stop.  I love running outside.  There is just something so tranquil and free about it.  When I got back I ate a much needed 2 plums.

I heard that there was a Farmer’s Market in a small town about 15 miles away so I decided to check it out.  The motorway wasn’t to busy and the countryside scenery was breath taking.  Everything was going well.

That is until my Tom Tom announced, “you have reached your destination.”  I looked around my surroundings totally confused.  My car was parked up directly in front of a doctors surgery.  There was no Farmer’s Market action anywhere…hmph!

As you can imagine I was not impressed.  I turned around and headed back into town.  I managed to make it to the market and picked up some veggies and fruit to tied me over until my veggie box comes.  I picked up some apples, pears, clementines, bananas, celeriac, kale, brussel sprouts, swede, an aubergine, sweet potatoes and broccoli.  It was all so cheap, but none of it is organic.  I can’t wait to see how my organic veggie box compares on Wednesday.

I also popped into my local independent health food shop and picked up some new items and a few favourites:

I bought some basil tofu, sunflower spread, xanthan gum, macca powder and some tempeh.  I have never tried the lase three items before.  I picked up the tempeh as an alternative to tofu.  I’m eating less meat nowadays so I want to find other alternatives for sources of protein,  I have seen the xanthan gum used a lot in green smoothies in blog land so I cannot wait to try it.

My best purchase yesterday…

I bought 3 Glamour magazines, not because I’m crazy but they have a fab giveaway in this issue.

Nails Inc are my favourite nail varnishes.  They are so fun and come it the most amazing colours.  They normally retail at £11 a pot so as the magazine is £2 I just had to get three of the four colours that they were offering. I got Saville Row, Jermyn Street and Hampstead Heath…perfect for the autumn.  The other colour is a nude pink that I already have.  Of course I had to try one out…

I apologise for my appalling nail painting skills, but a manicurist I am NOT!

After all that I needed to get some lunch, which came in the form of left over followed by an apple.

For dinner I  wanted something quick and speedy that basically required no cooking.  I ate a pastry-less spinach and ricotta quiche with steamed vegetables and hummus.

Well I say steamed veggies…I don’t actually own a steamer.  My trick is to place the vegetables in to a bowl and add a splash of water.  I then cover the bowl with cling film and cook in the microwave for a few minutes.  Obviously the amount of time you cook them for depends on the volume of veggies you prepare.  They still come out vibrant and tender with a little crunch, which I love.  I have too many childhood memories of my Nan’s over boiled vegetables…eugh!  Crunch is good right?  Does anyone else steam their veggies this way?

For dessert I baked a pear and served it with Total Greek Yoghurt and granola…

It was so good! 🙂

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

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