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Snow snow go away and don’t you DARE come back another day!

So here’s the scene, it’s 5.30 am I’m awake writing this post with a mug of hot green tea.  My house is freezing because the central heating has been turned off through the night.  Outside it’s pitch black and the snow has turned to slush and ice…I’m really not looking forward to stepping out there later this morning. 

I’m really hating this weather!  Although we haven’t had even a fraction of the snow that they have had up north it’s such an inconvenience and slows everything down.  I’m really scared of walking on the pavements because the snow is all trodden in and turned into an ice rink.  I have taken to walking on the road and in bus lanes, strangely it is much less dangerous.  Although I have seen people running and cycling in the snow and ice…how and why?????  I can barely walk on the stuff without having a panic attack, running on it is really not an option for me.  I really hope it clears up soon.  It looks really beautiful and picturesque at first, but it’s EVIL I tell you, absolutely EVIL! 

Even though the snow has messed up my running routine I have kept up my muscular structure work and taken to doing some dance cardio to keep me going.  It also hasn’t stopped me diving in to some yummy eats either.  I haven’t posted my eats since Friday, so I think I will try and keep it short and sweet. 

So here it goes my eats in chronological order (I think!) Friday through to Tuesday:



Sorry for the repetitiveness, but yesterday for lunch I had the last of my Red Lentil and Vegetable Stew…but I won’t show you another picture of that, promise! 😀


I’ve also been eating a tremendous amount of fruit to keep me going through out the day.  I’m finding that in this cold weather my appetite has gone into overdrive so fruit and raw veggies have fast become my new best friends!


I’ve been going to bed really early these past few day so I haven’t really had any desserts other that fruit or tea…boring I know!

Since Saturday I have been pretty rushed and haven’t really stopped.  Saturday I was working, Sunday I caught up with my cleaning, Monday I had to go to Manchester to pick up my Dad from the airport, yesterday I took my car for it’s M.O.T test which it failed! I’ve also had to study and do all the usual house-wifey duties too.  I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already…time is flying by.

Despite my snow and M.O.T misery, something that did cheer me up was a very special delivery.  I knew exactly what it was when I saw the Fedex packaging…

I’ve been dying to try some health foods from America, especially the Larabars and Luna Bars.  One of my readers in America very generously sent me some goodies for me to try out.  I’m not sure if she wants to be named, but you are so sweet and I am currently putting your goodies together in return for your kindness.

I can’t wait to get stuck in!

I will be posting the recipes for the Smokey Chicken Stew and the Butternut Squash and the Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup later this week.  I also have a fab giveaway coming up tomorrow too! 😀

How do you handle freezing cold snowy weather? Has it affected your workout regime?