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Well another year is upon us again and at this time most of us reflect on the the ups and downs of the past year.  Alternatively I have decided to reflect on what I have learned since becoming a healthy living blogger. 

Since beginning Celery and Cupcakes all that while ago in mid September it has since dawned on me that it is ok if

… you give in to temptation and have that extra row of dark chocolate.  It won’t hurt you and you most probably deserve it!

…smile from ear to ear about the fact that your jeans are falling past your hips because you have lost a little weight.  All that hard work is paying off so let the world know how happy you are! 😀


…to compete with Mount Everest as you pile those veggies high on your plate.  Veggies taste so good and I for one are definitely proud to say so.

…you miss a work out because you have been too busy or are too tired.  You are only human and unfortunately there are only 24 our hours in a day.


…to think of running and exercise as a drug.  After a long day working there is no better way to get rid of that pent up stress.


…to realise that loosing weight is not the main goal to live a healthier lifestyle, it is merely the end result of a fabulous journey.

…to discover that food is not the enemy but should be enjoyed and savored.

…sometimes forget that life is an amazing gift that should be respected and considered, but also enjoyed to the very last second!

I have had such and amazing 2010 and it has been made even better by sharing my thoughts, recipes and food with you guys.  I want to say a special thank you to every one of you for your on going support, for following and ing on my blog.  It means more to me than you will ever know.  I will be posting all about my goals for the new year and my New Years Day meal tomorrow, but for now I’m wishing you a spectacular and prosperous 2011!

Happy New Year! x

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