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Regular readers of my blog will probably know that I am a big fan of energy bars for afternoon snackage or work out fuel.  So when many moons ago the lovely people at offered me the amazing opportunity to review their products I jumped at the chance.  I was sent a very generous package of a selection of their wonderful MuleBars to sample:

They come in some amazing flavours that have some really cool names.   I received some Chocolate Date and Chocolate and Banana Refuel bars, Liquorice, Strudel and Hunza Nut Megabites energy bars (30g), a Pinocolada energy bar (65g) and a Cherry Bomb energy gel.

I was one happy lady! 😀

The company have been associated with top  athletes and sportsmen, including the England Rugby Team and some of the riders in Tour de France eat MuleBars.   It was also the official energy bar for the 2009 event of The Tour of Britain.  Now with that kind of repertoire, you can see why I was very excited to try this brand of energy bar.

MuleBars offer a great nutritious snack and source of 100% natural energy to help fuel your recreational activities, sports and general everyday lives.  They are packed full of delicious ingredients and in most cases such ingredients are  Fair-trade and organic.   All of the bars are sweetened with rice syrup and the basic make up of a MuleBar are dried fruits with additional add-ins to create each individual flavour.

For instance, the new Summer Pudding flavour contains rice syrup, dried apple, whey protein, rice crisps, soya flour and puffed quinoa to name just a few of the fantastic ingredients in this bar.

With such an impressive ingredient lists for these bars are they nutritionally good for you?

The Refuel Bars in particular weigh in at 261 calories for the Chocolate  Date and 253 calories  for the Chocolate Banana bar.  The Chocolate Banana bar in particular contains 2g of fat, and a whopping 14g of protein…perfect for a marathon or a hardcore workout!  However, with a carbohydrate content of 38g, 34g of this is sugar.  That seems like quite a lot of sugar for such a small bar.  But if you consider the concept behind the brand as a source of refueling after an activity or fuelling up before an activity, maybe it’s not so bad.

Fuel for Adventure also produce Energy Gels that come in two flavours: Cherry Bomb and Lemon Zinger.  I had the opportunity to try the Cherry Bomb gel.  I decided to try it before a 3 mile run.   For me this was very sweet for my taste buds even when drank with water as advised, but it gave me bags of energy for my run.  It contains high GI sugars such as organic brown rice syrup and lower GI sugars such as agave nectar to give you that rocket fuel effect.

All of  the products created by Fuel for Adventure can be brought online from their own and various other outlets.  So far the only MuleBar to be sold in any shop is the new Summer Pudding flavour that is available in Tesco’s and was the star prize in the giveaway that was won by the lovely Emma!

Have you tried MuleBars before?  What did you think?  What are your favourite flavours?

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