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A little while ago the lovely people over at sent me a wonderful package of their energy bars and protein powders to review for the blog.

This haul included:

  • 1 x Bliss Bar in Maca and Ashwagandha Raw Chocolate
  • 1 x Energy Bomb containing raw chocolate, gingseng and guarana
  • 1 x Energy Bomb Banana Guarana
  • 1 x Energy Bomb Choc Crisp
  • 1 x Raw Choc Brownie
  • 1 x Maple and Peanut Protein
  • 1 x Berry Burst
  • 1 x Protein Sport in Maple Peanut Crisp
  • 20g Pea Protein Isolate
  • 20g Soya Protein Isolate
  • 20g Whey Protein Isolate

Pulsin’ produce nutritious and healthy snacks and have strong environmental beliefs, trying to reduce the impact of manufacturing their products wherever possible.  This is emphasised by their factory running completely on renewable energy.

The energy bars come in a variety of flavours and each serve a different purpose.  For instance the Energy Bomb! range couples fast and slow releasing carbs with herbs and a mixture of whole foods to create a bar that provide the bar with a natural source of fuel for intense activities.  The raw chocolate, gingseng and guarana variety provides mental a wakefulness and bucket loads of energy.

Depending on which Energy Bomb! you consider the 50g bars they tend to only contain 3-4g of protein, which I found to be disappointing.  I prefer my energy bars to be protein rich rather than carbohydrate rich (typically 30g for the 50g Energy Bomb! bars).


One of the bars that stood out to me was the Bliss bar whose key ingredients are raw cacao, maca and Ashwagandha was created for for restorative purposes and to instill a sense of calm after a workout or intensive activity.   It can even be used as an aphrodisiac did you know?


Another stand out bar for me was the Protein Sport bar.  It contains a whopping 15g of protein, perfect for a pre-workout snack, recovery snack or just as an afternoon snack to tide you over ’till dinner.


And of course I adored the Raw Choc Brownie bar- dense, super rich and chocolaty.  No further explanation necessary!

The ingredients list of these bars is pretty good.  Here’s just some of the goodness that can be found in some of the bars across he range: brown rice malt, raw cacao, dates, cashew butter, green tea extract, carob, chicory fibre, unsulphured apricots, peanuts, sunflower lecithin, almonds, vanilla pods, cacao butter.  The bars are also suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, GMO free, contain no trans fats or added sugar.

I’ve personally never used protein powders, scared of all of the processed and unnatural products that some of  them contain.  So as you could imagine I was very excited when I received Pulsin’s pea, whey and soya protein isolates.  It was fun experimenting with them in some tasty treats:

Pulsin’ protein powders and others a-like are often recommended as  a natural source of  vegetarians protein.  I was particularly interested in the Pea Protein Isolate produced from yellow split peas to avoid a soya based protein powder.  All of the protein isolates blended well in to smoothies, oats and cake batter.  They don’t have any flavour, which I thought was a good beginner friendly feature before delving into the world of protein powders fully.

I really enjoyed using Pulsin’ protein powders as they are 100% natural and not full of hidden nasties.  The best part about them is the price.  You can pick up a 250g bag for around £4.99, which makes it a great cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive brands.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with all of the Pulsin’ products I was sent to review.  You can bag yourself some Pulsin’ goodies from their own , and Whole Foods.  I think I will definitely be buying their protein powders again as a cheaper alternative to the Sun Warrior brand that I will eventually buy. I’m intrigued by their Hemp protein Isolate that I have yet to try.

Have you tried any Pulsin’ products before? what protein powder are you currently using? Have you tried Hemp protein before?

I would love to know your thoughts. 😀

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