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I’ve been enjoying raw chocolate and its nutritional benefits for a little while now.  So a few months ago when Kendra at sent me some of her chocolate bars to sample and review I obviously jumped at the chance.

My package included Rawr Intensity Dark Chocolate, Rawr Cashew Power and a Rawr Zesty bar.  I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

There has been a raw chocolate revolution recently, most probably for our desire to find healthier alternatives to otherwise unhealthier but favourite foods.  Although it is hard especially with chocolate and other foods considered as treats, for me it is important that my food isn’t loaded with additives and other nasties. This is one of the reasons I was keen to try products from chocolate producers that literally take the bean and transform it straight into a bar without over processing the natural ingredients.  And so, I started to indulge in my Rawr chocolate stash.

Rawr was founded in 2008 and like all good things was created after experimenting with ideas and recipes.  The range consists of a whole range of handmade bars with an impressive ingredient list.  A basic bar contains carob, mesquite, coconut butter, cacao, agave nectar.  Of course other ingredients come into play when the different varieties of bar are considered.  These may include orange oil, Madagascan Vanilla, anti-oxidising goji berries, nuts, mint oil and other delicious and high quality ingredients.

This Cambridge based company take the no fuss approach with their rustic brown paper packaging, which matches the ethos of the bar.  They have steered well away form the high-gloss finishes of other chocolate brands and kept it extremely simple.  For me the simple and  down to earth look gives these bars a kind of charm that you never get with regular massed produced chocolate.  The fact that they are hand made emphasises this and instills a sense of care and attention has gone into the bars.

My experience with some other raw chocolate brands (reviews to come at a later date) is that they sometimes can have a chalky or gritty texture.  Although the Raw Intensity Dark Chocolate (80% cacao solids) was only slightly grainy I have learnt to accept that this is a feature of raw chocolate with the highest cacao content. This may deter the wider audience to make future purchases; however I think Rawr’s target audience (me included) will love and appreciate the bars for what they are. The Rawr Zest and Cashew Power bar (both 67% cacao solids) had a much softer, melt in the mouth texture.

The bars are dark with a glossy sheen- something that I wasn’t expecting!  They are pretty solid and make a satisfying “snap” when broken tempting you into a flurry of rich and deep flavours.

I really enjoyed all of these bars especially the Rawr Zest.  This brand is definitely ranked as one of my favourite raw chocolate brands that I have tried so far.  You can pick up some Rawr chocolate on their website and various stockists in the UK.   They are also sold at a reasonable price point as the 35g bars are £1.65 and the 60g bars retail at £1.95.  These are definitely on my wish list once I have demolished my chocolate mountain that seems to be getting bigger and bigger!

Have you tried Rawr chocolate before?  Does the nutritional benefits of eating raw chocolate over mass produced chocolate bother you at all?

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