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A few weeks ago I was ed by and given the opportunity to review their Red Curry Paste.

Thai Taste was founded on the basis there that was a niche in Thai food in the UK.  Although there was plenty of Thai restaurants there was a lack of Thai products to allow customers to create easy and simple meals at home.  The brand prides itself on its authenticity, so much so that all of their products are made in Thailand using high quality ingredients.

I love Thai food, especially red and green curries so I was really excited to try this brand out.  As it goes I never knew that Thai Taste existed, but I sure had fun experimenting with their product.


After using many different shop bought Thai Curry pastes and ready made sauces in the past, I found this particular one to be the most authentic in taste.  Others I have bought have been too sweet or salty, but this one seems to have the right balance of both aspects.  For quick meals I found this to be a perfect ingredient as it was a simple case of adding coconut milk to the curry paste and some vegetables to create a speedy and tasty meal.  All the hard work of combining spices and flavours has already been done for you.

Whilst grocery shopping today I spotted a whole host of Thai Taste products in Tesco’s.  Their range from meal kits, dipping  sauces, cooking sauces, marinades, soups and noodles.  I had to pick up something whilst shopping and the Yellow Chilli Sauce with Ginger caught my eye.

This can be used in stir fries, dipping sauces, soups and salad dressings.  Since I was so impressed with the red curry paste I can’t wait to try this new product out.  Thai taste have a huge collection of recipes posted on their website, including recipes for salads, curries, stir fries and even desserts.

Thai Tastes products are readily available in most major supermarkets, Whole Foods and online.   For authentic and high quality cooking ingredients I found this range to be very well priced.  You can pick up a 200g pot of the red curry paste for around £1.49.  I’ve already seen more products in the range that I want to buy such as their green curry paste, satay peanut sauce and the tom yum paste.

Do you like Thai food? 

Have you tried any of the Thai Taste products before?  What did you think?

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