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Whilst at the Vitality Show in March I had the amazing opportunity to talk to and meet the lovely people of who generously offered to send me some of their products to review for the blog:

The packaging is just so bright and colourful. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love recieving packages (well, who doesn’t), but I was more than happy to recieve these lovelies.ย  I was sent two cartons of 100% Coconut Water, Acai & Pomegranate and Peach and Mango.

I’ve tried them on their own at the Vitality Show, but mostly at home I have been incorporating them into my green smoothies, particularly my post run smoothies due to the rehydrating qualitiies of the coconut water.

Not to be confused with coconut milk, coconut water is that cloudy liquid that you can hear shaking about inside of a coconut. Coconut water is a healthy and natural source of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium- making it an extremely popular drink amongst atheletes.

Drinking coconut water before a workout or race prevents the body from dehydration and can protect against hyponatremia.ย  In cases of hyponatremia there is a depletion of sodium ions (salt) in the extracellular fluid surronding the cells and can be associated with many different disorders.ย  You can read more aboutย  hyponatremia here.

Coconut water is fat free, caffiene free, sugar free, entirely natural and actually contains 15 more times the electrolytes than a sports drink.ย  What I like about Vita Coco as a company is that it doesn’t claim to be a pre-, during or post workout drink.ย  It’s key message is all about hydration which the body needs all day everyday.

Before being sent these products I had read great things about Vita Coco, but was alway put off by the higher price pont.ย  You can pick up a 1 litre carton of 100% Coconut water for ยฃ4.65 and 500 ml is ยฃ3.09 at .ย  The flavoured coconut water is priced at ยฃ2.05 for 330 ml.

I have one carton of the Peach and Mango coconut water left and after trialing these products I am definitely going to purchase some more and make them a regular feature in my diet.ย ย  Fair enough it is at a higher price point than a bottle of water, but for something so natural and full of goodness I thinkit’s worth it. Packed with so many nutritional benefits there is also the added bonus that they taste amazing too.

It tastes like you are drinking straight out of a coconut.

Alas, it’s a shame that it’s from a carton and not a freshly hand picked coconut from a palm tree in the Caribbean, but boy it’s just as good!

Have you tried Vita Coco products before?ย  What do you think?

Do you drink sports drinks whilst working out?

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