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Well it’s that time of the week again people!  You all know what I’m talking about, eh? 

Need a hint…

It’s time to go to the best party in blog land of course- lets do this! :)

For this weeks link up party I’m going to share with you yesterday’s eats as I think they were pretty tasty by my reckoning.  It all kicked off with an energising and mood boosting green smoothie. 

I was in thesis stress mode yesterday morning and this simple bowl of green deliciousness really helped.  It included kale, curly lettuce, 2 plums, , , xanthan gum and guar gum.  I topped it with a , dried cranberries, homemade almond butter and sunflower seeds…yum!

Throughout the morning I was snacking on a load of cherries, practically the bowl disappeared in seconds!

For lunch I made a enormous that was inspired by gorgeous salad that I love in Marks and Spencer’s for a fraction of the cost. I made a wholewheat cous cous salad adding in steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, red peppers, cucumber and sunflower seeds on top of some romaine lettuce leaves.

Whilst the cous cous salad was still warm I mixed in my dressing that I made from sweet chilli sauce, rice vinegar, lemon juice and cumin which soaked right into every grain.  This really was the perfect lunch ate outside in the sunshine.  Don’t you just love British weather? The leaves are falling off the trees like it’s Autumn, yet we have cloudless skies and warm temperatures like it’s the height of summer.  The weathers unpredictability is all part of Britain’s charm I’m sure. 🙂

And because I made up such a huge batch I have plenty of leftovers too-BONUS! 😀

My afternoon pick-me-up was a braeburn apple and a much coveted banana bread Nakd bar, which was amazing by the way.  The braeburn apple on the other hand was rather blah!  I thought I would mix up my apple varieties a little and look for cheaper alternatives but still nothing comes close…sigh!

For me pink lady apples are the best all the way.  They just have it all: the sweetness factor and that all important crunchabilty factor, everything that I look for in an apple. I’m sure if Simon Cowell was scouring the country for the most perfect apple he would be totally bowled over by pink lady’s too.

In the afternoon I headed to the gym for a 10 minute interval warm up on the treadmill and my Body Pump class.  I don’t know what it was but yesterday’s session was awesome, totally loved it!  I’m feeling the effects of it today though: it DOMS central over here!  Next week we are doing the new release and I’m super excited.  My instructor has been teasing us with it for weeks.  In fact she has had it for a while but didn’t want to share it with us until all the students are back on campus.  I cannot wait!

Dinner last night was super speedy and didn’t require much cooking.  I dug a Squash Bean Burger from the freezer and made some cheesy steamed kale using nutritional yeast flakes and served it with some parsnip chips made using New Zealand Honey.

Served with ketchup on the side of course.  This tasted lovely!  Rather than frying the burger I baked it in the oven, but I think I prefer the crispy outside edges that are created when they are fried.

After dinner I ate this:

A chopped peach with plain soya yoghurt mixed with some , almonds, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds.  A great way to end this weeks WIAW!

Which apple variety gets your vote? Do you have any particular features that you look for when choosing apples?

Has anyone tried the new Body Pump release yet?

What is the best thing that you ate this WIAW?

And don’t forget to enter my Blogiversary international giveaway!!!

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