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The only way to describe Wednesday night is EPIC!

Obviously it started with me rushing around trying to get organised and looking “awards glamorous,” which of course is open to interpretation.  I really was struggling for some time trying to decide what to wear.  I think I changed my mind 3 times in the end.  When it came down to crunch time I found an awesome vintage inspired dress by Biba from House of Fraaser that I fell in love with.

The 1920’s vintage look had me from “hello.”  It’s beaded all over front and back with a scalloped hem.  I teamed it up with thick black tights, suede black heels and a clutch bag from River Island.

I don’t really know what awards glamorous is as the dress code described but I definitely felt comfortable in what I was wearing especially considering that I had to travel on the tube and didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb.

Once in London it was time to meet my date for the night, the lovely .   It took me a while to reach her as I got lost on Oxford street looking for the side street to take me to Liberty, which was our meeting point.  We finally made it to the awards venue at 24 Kingly, a very sophisticated little club that was well hidden on a small street.  I’m so glad Philippa knew where she was going as I had no clue what so ever.

We were greeted with cosmopolitan cocktails (naturally), a free bar, canapés and cupcakes.  We had the sneaky suspicion that the cocktails was just as they  didn’t taste like they had any alcohol in them at all.  I drank two glasses like it was water…oops! There was also a place where you could get your nails done, touch up your make-up courtesy of Benefit and a selection of shoes, jewelry and handbags from to drool over.

Everyone was dressed to the nines and there was a lot of 40’s glamour with some of the outfits too.  You can see some more pics and highlights from the event on the Cosmopoilitan website here.  Being surrounded in a room packed full of bloggers was totally surreal.  We even got to meet the editor of the magazine too!!! 🙂

Guess who won???

Yes, the lovely Philippa!!!  I was so happy for her and she was genuinely surprised (I have no idea why!!!).  This girl is amazing and has been on such an inspirational journey, such a deserving winner.  After running the London Marathon and almost finishing writing her book I think this was the perfect cherry on the cake.  Well done lovely! 🙂

Philippa and I even played up to the presumed rivalry between us and faked a bitch fight that was all caught on camera, which you can watch .  A big congratulations to everyone that was nominated and all of the winners, which are all listed here.

It was such a fun and incredible night and I really didn’t want it to end.  We decided to continue our celebrations with a lovely meal at a vegetarian restaurant called .  I had the gyoza for my starter and the burrito for my main.

Both were just tasted equally stunning, but we couldn’t finish our mains so had to pass on the amazing dessert selection.  If you are ever in London looking for a vegetarian restaurant then I highly recommend this one.  There is a selection of organic wines and drinks and the food ranges from vegan, gluten free and vegetarian.  My dishes were so flavourful and fresh!

But of course all good things have to come to an end and I think my poor feet were thankful of that.  It really was a night to remember and I had a great time celebrating Philippas success,  I could seriously talk to her for hours.

Although I didn’t win it really didn’t matter.  I was just so surprised and ecstatic to be given the opportunity to attend such a fab event.  It was such a special night to be a part of and I really didn’t feel worthy.

For taking the time to vote,

For inspiring me,

For being so amazing,

For your ongoing support,

For reading my posts,

For ing, tweeting and emailing,

For believing in Celery and Cupcakes and me.

I will genuinely always be appreciative and grateful…

Thank you!

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