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A few weeks ago I was ed to review a new product made by .

Begun in 2007,  has become one of New Zealand’s largest producers of award winning specialist honey.  The company has close ties with many research institutions which has investigated the many health benefits of their honeys. 

The Beech Forest Honeydew, which I was asked to review in particular is full of antioxidants and pre-biotics, which can potentially ease digestion. Improving the bodies ability to digest food allows the absorption of nutrients.  A healthy digestive system also prevents the localisation of nasty pathogens and toxins that are implicated in some diseases.

This 100% pure honey sourced from the sap produced by insects which actually feed off the beech trees, which is then harvested by the bees.  The farmers maintain the forests to the highest quality without the use of antibiotics.The beech trees themselves are situated in an untouched forest used for specifically for bee keeping alone, which gives the honey a pure and natural flavour. 

Overall I’ve really been enjoying using this product and have been using it as a natural sweetener in my hot chocolates, oats, smoothies, salad dressings and also used it to make my .

There are so many varieties of honey in the range each with their many different health benefits, including honey drinks.  You can pick up a squeezy bottle of New Zealand Honey Co in Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons and Holland & Barratt for around £2.95.

Have you tried any of New Zealand Honey Co’s honey before? What did you think?

Would you buy this particular honey over other brands for it’s health benefits alone?

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