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Hey folks!  I hope you are all having a happy WAIW.

This week I wanted to share with you some of my recent activities and fun whilst I was in America the past two weeks.

How cool are the number plates in America!?!  Ours are so boring in comparison.

As soon as the doors opened on the plane once we landed in Florida I had butterflies fluttering around in my stomach with all of the excitement.   This was my first trip to the states and I couldn’t wait to get started on my American adventure.  Once in the airport I everyone was greeted by a lovely lady with a cute accent and we were all put through a rigorous session at security.  I’ve never had my finger prints taken before…everything seemed to be new to me.

 The Beast…our travel companion for the duration of our trip.

It took a little while for my dad to get used to our ride that would take us around the place whilst in America.   For me the thing was like a tank compared to my little Corsa, but my dad seemed to get to grips with it quite quickly…thank goodness! I would have been hopeless driving on the opposite side of the road! 🙂

We only stayed in Florida Sunday night and spent Monday looking around the place with my cousin.  On Tuesday morning we decided to start on our road trip to NYC!!!


It all sounded all good and well driving up to New York, but in total it took a whole 18 hours!  Over a 1000 miles in total! We travelled all the way north through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey before hitting New York.  On the way we did stop at some rest stops, gas stations and a restaurant to eat, but other than that my dad was determined to get us all there in one straight trip.

Even from the road side we could see how different each state was from one another we went from wide open spaces to rolling pastures and farm land until the more north we headed sky high buildings and inner city life were in full view.


We were all so tired after the drive, but it was worth it to see my Aunty and cousins in New York.  It made such a long journey so worth while.

Of course whilst we were there we hit the shops in down town Brooklyn and Manhattan and made that all important visit to Trader Joes (I couldn’t find one in Orlando) and the PB & Co sandwich shop in SoHo. I even got to experience Thanks Giving in NYC too, which was just lovely.  My other cousin also came to NYC to visit with his girlfriend-they took the plane! 🙂 It’s just like Christmas with all of the hustle and bustle in the kitchen and all of the family coming together.  It was a really lovely day!

On Thanks Giving evening a few of us headed in to down town in to Manhattan to explore a little.  We came across Grand Central Station which was just so pretty inside…

My pictures really don’t do this place any justice at all.  I also think it’s too beautiful to be used as a working train station…stunning!

  Times square is so awesome!  I loved seeing it all lit up like that! The monthly electricity bill must cost a bomb, but so worth it!

Christmas just seemed to be everywhere in NYC…

My aunty, cousins and my cousins girlfriend decided to have a girly day and we went on a ferry ride to Staten Island where we got to see some amazing views of the city across the water and the Statue of Liberty.

We also headed down to the sea port for dinner and do some evening window shopping around the mall there.

I had a total blast in NYC!  😀 It’s such a beautiful city.  We also explored West Village, Firth Avenue, China Town and Little Italy. I didn’t make it to Central Park, but I will definitely make that in my to do list when I make my next trip there as I will be going back for sure.

 Stunning! 😀

Of course the time came for my dad, cousin and I to make our way back to Florida, another 18 hour trip ensued.  Since the beginning of our trip back south was in the day light I got to see the from the road side, which was pretty cool.

 Back on the road!

I actually did most of my shopping Florida as they have some great outlets there.   There was lots of stuff that my cousin suggested that I would have loved to do like horse back riding, Cocoa Beach and kayaking but I’m saving all of this for next time as they really aren’t my dad’s thing. Ha!

American trucks are so cool! 

One evening we headed to Disney and and had a great night in the Hard Rock Cafe…


And then the sad time came where I had to say good bye to America and head back home.  I really did have an amazing time and saw and did so much.  This is definitely a holiday to remember and probably one of best of my life so far. It’s such an huge country that I know that I haven’t even scratched the surface.  I cannot wait to go back and explore this amazing country some more next time with my boyfriend next time!

Greeted by rain at the airport in Manchester!

Happy WIAW!

What has been your holiday to remember?

Have you been to America before? Where did you go? What did you see?  Would you ever want to go back?

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