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Since the temperatures have plummeted in to this icy cold weather I haven’t been able to pluck up the courage for for a run outdoors.  Instead I have been doing all of my runs indoors on the treadmill.  My treadmill runs so far haven’t exceeded the 5K mark, just because my brain doesn’t seem to want to focus on my running after this point. The mindless running on the treadmill the crowded fitness suite really doesn’t appeal for too long!

I miss the waking up to the sun shining through the window in the morning, which really motivates me to get out there for a nice lengthy run.  I miss the changing scenery when running outdoors.  I also miss the sense of freedom that running outside can bring…you know that wind in your hair kind of feeling.

Until the temperatures in the UK decide to buck up their ideas I’m just going to make do.  I’ve listed some of the things that help me beat the dreadmill blues:

  • an awesome playlist- listening to your favourite music whilst working out can have a motivational effect and spur you on to keep going.  The playlist on my iPod which I work out to is completely different to what I would normally listen to.  It’s full of dance, heavy hip hop and rock!

  • A good read- I see a lot of people reading whilst on the cardio machines at my gym sometimes a text book, a magazine or a newspaper.  Such a great idea to kill two birds with one stone by studying or reading your favourite magazine and working out at the same time.  It’s a sure way to keep you mentally stimulated and the boredom away.

  • Interval workouts-  By breaking up your run into smaller segments with fast and slower recovery phases can really help bring variety to your treadmill run.  Also intervals are a great way to increase your endurance when you are ready to run outside again.

Now for the bold and confident there is Tracy Anderson’s dance cardio treadmill workout, which is full of skipping, leaps, side steps etc all on the treadmill.


I’ve known about this treadmill routine for a while and haven’t had the nerve to do it at my gym yet.  A part of me thinks that I never will, only in the privacy of my own home. 😀

Are you for or against treadmill runs? 

How do you spice up your runs on the treadmill to make them more fun rather than doom and gloom?

Would any of you dare to do the treadmill routine in the video above?

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