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Happy Tuesday! I’m loving today since it’s the last day in January and Spring is just around the corner. 


Considering that it has been January and it just never seems to end, this month for me has been pretty amazing!  Totally high on life right now and loving every minute of it! 😀

This month I went and got myself a new job and had an interview for a research position at (decision still pending!)…

I pursued eating a “cleaner” and lighter diet full of nutritious packed food after the richer but delicious indulgences of Christmas…

I also went to watch one amazing film that was War Horse… 

It was very emotional and beautifully shot…such an awesome film!

Operation Wedding went into full swing with ideas and a wedding fayre to get some inspirations for the big day.


I think we finally know what kind of look and feel we want for a wedding, now it’s just down to getting things booked and organised. 😀

Goals for February…

  • Settle into my new job and routine

  • Not worry about doing as much cardio as I’m used to and just enjoy my workouts for what they are

  • Finally set a wedding date and formulate a guest list

  • Continue to eat nourishing and healthy food and being kind to by body

For February I am super excited to announce that are sponsoring my blog as I’m a huge fan of their products.  Also a company that specialises in delivering boxes of fruit to your wok place are also sponsoring the blog.  I love the concept of Fruit Drop as they are helping people eat healthy and nutritious food where ever they may be. 

Also please check out my girl Janine’s new blog, on her quest to be happy and healthy.  So far she has lost 6 lbs…go her!  Also, Gina at is always fun for some fashion and style inspiration so go have a look see.

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How was January for you?

Do you have anything exciting coming up for February?

Have you seen any cool movies recently?