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Well today has been neither here or there where my writing is concerned.  I have tinkered about with corrections, and moved things around on a figure that I have drawn and made it look pretty by adding colours.  I have even managed to find some research papers on an obscure topic that is relevant to my work, but that is all.

Alas, by 9 am this morning I had already been to the gym and got my car washed…it’s all sparkly and squeaky clean again.

I’ve made the best soup EVER for lunch…recipe to come soon on the blog!

Chickpeas were also roasted and snacked on continuously throughout the day…

Strawberry balsamic vinegar with sea salt roasted chickpeas..nom!

Oh, and I even booked a church for our wedding.  Although the frustrating thing is that even though it is only 2 streets away we reside outside the Parish.  No problem really I guess, but I just found that it just made things more complicated than it really needed to be.  If they could only make the boundaries of the Parish expand just to two streets more.

And of course I have just sent everyone emails detailing them about their swap partners for the !  I’m so sorry for those who didn’t get an email.  It was simply because there wasn’t enough US bloggers to go round.  All of us food jealous people in the UK obviously want to try your yummy American food.

So, if any of you lovely American folk would like to do two swaps or would like to pass on your details I can hook you up with a UK blogger, but obviously this would be outside of the Foodie Blog Swap!

So I guess it was quite a productive Monday after all, despite the minimal thesis work.  We all have our slow days.  I’ve already planned my work for tomorrow and will be back on it for sure! 

Have fun swapping everyone!

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