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Many years ago as an impressionable teenager with body hang ups I always looking in the mirror analysing my appearance always looking for something better than I thought I didn’t have.   I never seemed to be happy with what I had been blessed body wise.  I always wanted something more.  I always wanted to be skinny!

Looking at these body shapes there was a time where I was trying to convince myself that I was a boyish rectangle trapped in an hourglass body.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with any type of body shape whether it’s a rectangle, apple or even cone-shaped, but I think it is sad when there isn’t an  appreciation of your real shape and you want to drastically change it. 

It has been a struggle and it’s an issue that I’m still working on, but the light is definitely at the end of the tunnel is very close.  Recently I have come to realise that I have curves.  I am supposed to have curves and there is nothing wrong with curves. 

At the moment, I am at a healthy weight for my frame and have maintained this weight for a few years so my body must be in a happy place now.  I haven’t  weighed myself for years so only know this is so by going  by wearing the same size clothes for a long time.

I’ve learnt to appreciate my curves, embrace them and love them.  It has been a long journey but me and my curves have finally bonded.  I figured whether I am smaller or larger I will always have curves as that is how my frame has been formed.  They are not going to go anywhere so I might as well learn to live with them and Alfie like my curves, which is lovely and makes me happy!

I’m happy, healthy, curvy and loving it!  Despite my woes and off days at the end of it all I do take note that my figure or the way I look doesn’t define who I am and there is so much more out there with more significance like loved ones and my friends.

So whatever your shape or size celebrate being fabulous because you are beautiful no matter what!

How do you feel about your own body shape?   Have you found a happy medium within yourself regarding your shape?

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