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A little while a go I was generously sent a package of protein powders from a company called Good Hemp Nutrition.

I received a 500g container of Good Hemp Protein:

The main ingredient in this particular variety of hemp protein is simply British grown hemp.  It is also one of the few protein powders in the UK at least that is certified raw, which I really like as an alternative to the other protein powders that I use which can be processed and contain sugars.  I particularly turn to this natural protein powder when I feel there is a need for me to cut back and go back to basics for a while.

A 500g container costs £10.99.

1 Kg container of Good Gym Shake:

This hemp protein powder was created for those who are super fit and active providing rapid muscle repair and helps to fight of cravings.  It is fast becoming one of the most natural  recommended protein products in the UK.

At first I was a little apprehensive about the chocolate flavour as some flavoured protein powders that I have had in the past have tasted too artificial.  However, I was really surprised as it tastes great and containing a natural sweetener means that it isn’t sickly sweet.  I think this one would be a great start for anyone who wants to try a natural source of protein but isn’t sure about the very earthy taste of hemp because it is well disguised in this protein powder.

The lovely chocolate flavour of this makes it great for baking.  I think it would be great in brownies, s, pancakes, ice cream and even in a chocolate cake.

A 1 Kg container costs £29.99

A 500g container of Good Fit Strawberry:

Again the strawberry flavour of this protein powder like the chocolate Good Gym Shake did not taste artificial or processed, containing only natural flavourings.  It also wasn’t overly sweet due to the use of a natural sweetener called Xylitol rather than refined sugars making it great for diabetics and others with sugar disorders.  This particular variety also has the added bonus of including green tea making it a great detoxifying protein powder and xanthan gum for an extra fibre boost.

A 500g container costs £16.99.

All of the natural hemp protein powders in this range are free from gluten, dairy, lactose, whey, soya, sugar, pesticides, additives and preservatives and GMO products. Another advantage is that it contains 11 essential amino acids, omega-3, a very high fibre content and only a 15% carbohydrate content.

For a natural plant based product that uses hemp that is strictly grown in the UK only I think that this is a pretty amazing product and probably one of the better protein powders that Britain has to offer.  I’m a huge fan!

They are also much cheaper that some other natural protein brands that are available on the market.  The pound to weight conversion on these huge containers is great and they last for ages.   Recently I have spotted these in Holland and Barratt, my local heath food shop and they are also available on the Good Hemp Nutrition website to buy, with delivery all across Europe (some exceptions apply).

There is  a great recipe page on the website  which I have been checking out for baking, main dishes and a page where customers can share their own recipes and ideas for added cooking and baking inspiration, which I think I am going to use as so far I have only used these protein powders in my smoothies.

Have you used Good Hemp Protein products before?  What did you think?

Are you a fan of hemp protein and how do you use it?

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