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With my lip balm and lipstick collection rapidly expanding at great speed I virtually snapped up the chance to review a new collection of raw lip balms by

Over the years I have used quite an array of lip balms of different brands with differing success for the conditioning of my lips.  Some were too sticky and others just sat there and did nothing, so I have become quite the lip balm snob.

I was sent the Black Cherry lip balm to try out from the lovely folks at Vivapure.  It smells divine and exactly like cherries, based on the natural extracts and essential oils that the balms contain.   It also gives a nice sheer reddish tint to your lips for just that subtle hint of colour.  Great for those who want to try a red lippie but are too scared as they think it may me too bold for them- this makes a great alternative.

To be honest I had never considered using raw cosmetics before and didn’t even know that they existed.  Since experimenting with raw foods a little I thought this would be a great product to try out and got me thinking about what is really in the other variety of lip balms on the market that are not natural or raw.  I was surprised to see that that they are full of petroleum based waxes and a lot of artificial ingredients.

lip balm is not only natural, but it is also hand mixed, organic, certified vegan and CCIC approved.  It is very easy to apply as it just glides straight off the stick, doesn’t feel sticky or over glossy either.  The lovely sheen that it leaves on the lips leaves a is fill of conditioning goodness.   I have been using this practically everyday and my lips are left feeling great!

To make these lip balms raw they are cold pressed and centrifuged extracted.  The nut and seed oils and butters have been below 118F degrees so that they are still full of their essential enzymes and oils.  The main ingredients in lip balms tend to be almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, cacao butter, caster oil and jojoba oil.  All of the different flavours and smells are derived from natural organic sources and the plastic packaging can also be recycled too- they have thought of everything. 

There is a fab range of 12 flavours to choose from which all come in brightly coloured and fun packaging.  The Chai Spice  and Chocolate flavours sound amazing.  Oh and there is even a Coconut flavour too! You can currently pick up lip balms online on the Vivapure website prices ranging from £3.95 to £4.50. 

Although they are a little more expensive that other lip balm brands out there I think these are definitely worth the extra money as I can definitely feel the difference between a raw balm and the other varieties on the market.  I think I will be treating myself to balm in the future.

Have you used lip balms before?  What did you think?

Have you ever tried out raw cosmetics before?

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