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Happy Friday friends!  The weather has mean incredible this week and I for one have been making the most of it by taking my work outdoors.  Sunshine and productivity, you’ve got to love killing to birds with one stone!


My poor neglected laptop obviously need a bit of a clean…ooops!

With the soaring temperatures I have been having ice cold smoothies everyday, sometimes twice in one day!

This Blueberry and Pear Smoothie was really great for breakfast the other morning.  It contained a chopped pear, fresh blueberries, a banana, ice and Kara coconut milk.  I also added a bit of xanthan gum to up the creaminess and it worked a treat.  I topped the smoothie with one of my that I took straight from the freezer so it was really fudgy..yum!

More blueberry action was at dessert on Wednesday night.  This one was made using fresh blueberries, spinach, hazelnut milk, lots of ice, a few drops of vanilla stevia and topped with more blueberries and dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds and edamame beans.

Yesterday I made something new for me which was a Sweet Potato and PB Smoothie. I love sweet potatoes but have never actually put them in a smoothie before.  So in went a cooked small sweet potato with skin, lots of peanut butter, vanilla extract and ice with some hazelnut milk. 

I was thinking about adding some protein powder, but so glad that I never as this so super filling as I managed to fill my jar another 2 and a half times.  So much yumminess! Open-mouthed smile

With so much smoothie action this week I had to pop to the green grocers to stock on some smoothie ingredients.  I have some great plans for these over the weekend and have already been enjoying these goodies with an amazing yoghurt bowl.

Summer in a bowl

This was full to the brim of delicious fresh fruit including chopped apples, strawberries, apricots, blueberries and raspberries topped with soya yoghurt, honey and salted almonds for that sweet and salty vibe.

This week I have been adoring my hand woven bracelet which was a gift from my Mum.  I love this bracelet as it always reminds me of those special mother-daughter moments, and we have had so many of those!

etting packages in the post is always great especially when they include my favourite cleanser and toner by Liz Earle.  Thank you Mrs Postwoman!  Yeah my postman is a lady, which I think is really cool!!

The sunshine has been working wonders on my strawberry plant as they are looking so healthy and growing really fast.  I cannot wait to see actual strawberries on them.

The sunshine must have also given me a bit of a confidence boost as I also recorded my first vlog too, coming soon!

It has been so good to dig out my favourite pair of gladiator sandals this week and let my legs see the sun…

…and paint my toe nails in my favourite bright pink nail varnish too!

This weather has made what was quite an ordinary week for me really fantastic. I think the sunshine seems to bring out the best in people as even the usually grumiest of people have been in a happy mood and super similey this week.  Just breaking out my summer clothes, going bare legged, wearing sandals and painting my toes a pretty summery colour has made me feel great!

I hope the sunshine is here to stay! Open-mouthed smile

How have you been enjoying the sunshine this week?

What have been the highlights of your week so far?

Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend?

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