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Due to Friday’s car trouble when my poor beloved Smurf broke down we decided that it was time too say goodbye to my first car.  We had been thinking about getting a new car for a while as due to Smurf’s age (12 years old) there was a lot of ware and tear issues that need to be sorted, but we had been putting off getting a new one due to the cost of the wedding.

On Sunday we took the plunge and went car shopping with my mum and her partner and after hours of looking I came home with this…

This isn’t my car just a picture of a car that looks exactly like mine.  It’s a SEAT Ibiza is a metallic red.  I am in love with it and it drives like a dream.  It feels like such a luxury to have air conditioning and electric windows! 

It is currently nameless at the moment so I am open to suggestions as to what to call it!

For this week’s it’s going to be a look at Monday’s eats which was quite an exciting day for me as I went to pick up my new car. Open-mouthed smile

I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to drop Alfie off at the station it was still to early for me to eat so I got some uni work out of the way first. 

Eventually, for breakfast I made a delicious breakfast made using a fresh banana, strawberries and blueberries topped with a Total Greek yoghurt raspberry and pomegranate split pot and honey roasted peanuts.  I also had a mug of green tea in my new mug.  I am loving yoghurt messes at the moment, good job that I have plenty of yoghurt to get through!

After getting lots of work done it was time for a snack of a chopped apple with some cacao brazil nut bliss and some peanut butter, yum!

At lunch tie I was craving a mega salad so I made a gorgeous salad full of curly lettuce, courgettes, brown chickpeas, carrots, curly parsley.  I made a simple honey and mustard dressing and topped it with my favourite apple and mango chutney.  This was amazing!

Afterwards it was time to get ready to go and pick up my new toy.  I was crazy excited by this point!  The journey home on the motorway went without any mishaps, which I was obviously pleased about.

I only took an apple to snack on as I didn’t think it would take so long to pick up my new set of wheels, but there was so much paper work to go through.  When I got home I was straight in to the kitchen to whip up dinner.

It was a super quick curry made using coconut milk and a mix of spices with spinach, mushooms, peppers and broccoli.  I served this with soba noodle and plantain, which really hit the spot.  I just love plantain!

My sweet cravings were put to bed with a caramel soy yoghurt filled with the last of my dark chocolate covered edamame beans from Trader Joe’s….so sad!

I fitted in an awesome evening yoga session which really relaxed me and I had such a good nights sleep.

So as Monday’s goes this has to one of the best in my books.  I keep looking out my window and having to pinch myself that the shiny new car outside is mine.  It was definitely time for an upgrade, but I will miss my Smurf.

Do you have a name for your car?

Have you ever had your car just give up on you?

Do you like to practice yoga in the evenings?