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Happy !  I hope all of your weeks are going well- we are half way through already!  Yay!

I have just finished a 7 day stretch at work with no day off.  I’m exhausted to say the least, but with so much to do I just seem to be constantly on the go at the minute.

Day 7 of 7 OOTD: vest top: H&M, cardigan: Matalan, wide legged trousers: Primark, Wedged pumps: Primark, waist belt: Primark, statement necklace: French Connection.  Dark circles and bags under the eye: models own.

For this week’s WIAW I want to go over the usual Monday’s eats, if you don’t mind…

After a 5 am wake up call and dropping Alfie up at the train station so he could make his way back to work I headed out for a 4.5 mile run in the morning sun.  It was such a beautiful morning in and the sun was shining bright.  I thought a lovely summers day was ahead, but the sky soon tuned grey and it started to rain later.  I was kind of glad to be stuck at work by that point

When I got home and ready for work I fixed breakfast.  I had took two slices of  my out of the freezer to defrost a little and toasted them when I got back. 

A huge mug of peppermint tea and a bowl of cherries made the perfect Monday morning breakfast.

Later at work I snacked on one of the blushing pears that I picked up at the green grocers last week.  They are super sweet and delicious!

For breakfast I had one of my usual huge salads…

This one included curly lettuce, cucumber, baby sweet peppers, red kidney beans and steamed green beans. I also made a quick honey and mustard dressing with lime juice and mixed herbs, a-meh-zing!

I also had some salt and vinegar rice cakes too…

In the afternoon I was feeling a bit peckish so I wolfed down some raw carrots dipped in some almond butter- such a great snack!

As soon as I got in from work I raided the fridge for dinner…

I made a random concoction of broccoli, aubergine, onion, spinach and mushrooms in a tomato sauce with plantains and brown rice.  This tasted surprisingly good considering no real thought went into it.

Soon later I was in the kitchen again for dessert and had a chopped apple and strawberries with an Alpro Soya caramel pudding for dinner.

Today I still work up at 6am and headed to the gym, running some errands and treated myself in the sales.  Next up is proof reading the first half of my thesis and a much needed trip to the green grocer, my fruit bowl is empty!  Although it still sounds like a busy day these are things that I can do at my own pace rather than the time demands that I usually have to cope with at work.

What is the longest time that you have gone without a day off from work? What did you do with your day off when it finally came around?

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