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Happy Friday!  Boy, I’m glad that we are so close to the .  It’s been a busy week for me with juggling lots of little projects, but it has been another great one for getting stuff done, so I can’t complain.

The last couple of months me and Alfie have been scouring the internet at estate agent websites and gone to various house viewings.  At one point it almost felt like viewing houses was our “new thing” and that we had taken it up as a hobby as it seemed impossible to find anything that would be our perfect home, I don’t even want to think about how many properties and ads we have looked at.  Things got a little out of hand when we went off on a tangent and even looked at property for sale in London and further south such as  at one point – that’s how mad it was getting!  Looking at so many houses was becoming a bore I must say, I though that we would never find that special place that we were both looking for.

But we did! We have a new house!!!

It’s the perfect house for us.  People may think that we are a little crazy moving house just a few months before our wedding, but this seems like the right time to do it.  There is so much newness in our lives at the moment with my new car, finishing my PhD and the wedding we thought it would be great to top this off with a new house too.  It’s going to be great starting our marital life in a whole new house. With so many changes happening it sounds like a whole new life!

Our dining room has become a complete mess as we

With a whole house to pack up by the end of week the pressure is on, but I’m always up for a challenge so BRING IT!  I’m way too excited to be stressed about it all.

There have been lots of delicious meals consumed this week:

Figs are my current foodie obsession.  I had some chopped figs with full-fat Greek yoghurt and blueberry jam as an afternoon snack and it was like eating a bowl of heaven.

I’ve also been enjoying:

1.  An amazing sweet chilli topped salad with mixed leaves, red onion, avocado and cherry tomatoes.

2. Blueberry and Orange smoothie, yum! Blueberries seem to be really cheap at the moment so I am taking advantage of the cheaper prices.

3. Afternoon treat: Trek Cocoa Brownie bar, it had been too long!

4. I’ve been adoring salads this week and this one didn’t disappoint!  Mixed leaves, raw carrot ribbons, beets, tomatoes, pressed tofu with lime, honey and soy dressing.

5. A warming autumnal breakfast of banana oats with unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon and .

6. Red grapes, a chopped banana and strawberries topped with full-fat Greek yoghurt, basil and honey…amazing!

I made a hybrid of two of my curries the other night, my and my .  I put the aubergine and the chickpeas from either curry and used the same basic recipe.  It turned out so well!

It’s pretty obvious what I am going to be spending my weekend doing…packing- oh the joys!  I think most of next week will be spent living out of the freezer too.

I’m so excited to be moving house, expect lots of house decorating posts coming your way! =)

Are you an organised packer or do you just throw everything and hope for the best?  So far I have been very organised but we will see how long that lasts…ha! =)

What have you been getting up to this week?

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