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I cannot believe that the end of October is almost here…

…it means that it’s not too long till Halloween, yay!

So much happened in my life last month that it felt pretty crazy.  October has been like a breeze in comparison. I’m not complaining though as it means that I can enjoy the run up to the wedding in somewhat peace and quiet.

On of the most major things that has happened to me diet and nutrition wise is the re-introduction of meat in my diet.  I mentioned what it seemed like ages ago, but it was actually only in my post that I feel that I have come full circle where my diet is concerned and would like to eat meat again.  I didn’t really go into much detail about it, but I had my first meat dish in over 18 months and really enjoyed it!  I still don’t think I could eat meat all of the time now though, but it’s great that the option is there again.

Roast lamb and all of the trimmings!

There were also lots of celebrations this month too! Me and some of my girlies decided to pamper ourselves on a spa weekend for my .


I had an amazing time!  It was so great celebrating my upcoming wedding with some fab friends.  We were all totally relaxed afterwards and it was just what the doctor ordered as we all lead busy lives. 

That same weekend Alfie also celebrated his 30th birthday and went on his stag do to the Royal Ascot and a messy night out in London.  His stags made him dress up as a jockey!

This pic has me in stitches every time! =D

Most of this month has been spent settling into our new home and finding our bearings down south. We have got most of our furniture set up now, but need to do a major home décor shop after the wedding and get the house ready for our Christmas.

I’ve also been getting my head down with my wedding DIT projects which are going pretty well.  Only 4 days to go…weeeeeeeeee!  All I know is that it is going to be the best day ever!

Goals for November:

  • Enjoy life as a newly wed
  • Start on the home décor projects
  • Bake- it’s been too long!
  • Get a proper workout routine sorted
  • Enjoy lots of cosy night in with my new hubby
  • Budget for Christmas
  • Apply for some jobs

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How has October been for you?

Do you have anything nice planned for November?  I do, my wedding! =)