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What a week it has been. 

After all of that planning we finally tied the knot.  It was one tremendous and magical day.  I cannot wait to share everything with you.  To be honest I could talk about my wedding day all day long, but rather than babbling on and on I want to put a series of posts together.  However I’m not sure how to go about it at the moment.

Meanwhile, whilst I try and regain my sense of normality I thought that I would share with you a selection of our pre-wedding shots that were taken at where we held our wedding reception.

Me and Alfie love all things autumnal and thought it would be great to do an outdoor photo shoot.  It just so happens that it was a perfect sunny autumnal day, which seemed to give the photographer bundles of inspiration.

And our personal favourite which we used as the focal point for our guest signature board…

…I love it!

All images were are borrowed from our amazing photographers Jo and Ian at .

It is going to be at least 4 weeks until we get our hands on our official wedding pictures but judging by these shots I cannot wait to see how they come out. 

A sneak preview…


Sorry but I couldn’t resist showing you this pic that the photographers have teased us with. 

Have you been on a photo shoot before?

How did it go?  What was the occasion?

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