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Looking after my health is one of the most up most important things to me.  I think I do well in looking after my body with a healthy and balanced diet and an active lifestyle.  Fuelling my body with healthy fats, protein, some slow releasing carbohydrates and cutting out refined sugars is the best thing for my body.   Also strength training, yoga and my new found love, Pilates, are keeping me fit and more importantly happy.

All of the above relates to the here and now, but what about the future? Now that I have reached my mid-twenties it has got me thinking about what the future holds in terms of my health.   Although I believe that a eating well is highly beneficial for boosting your immune system and disease prevention, unfortunately sometimes things just happen to you which are unplanned and are out of the blue.

In all honesty in my late teens and early twenties life insurance was the last thing on my mind.  I was all about going out with my friends and having a good time, as it should be!  However, since getting married I have been thinking about taking out life insurance as a safety net, just in case. I’ve also been looking at professional negligence solicitors given my recent redundancy issues too, just in case it happens again.

Forgive me for sounding morbid but there is a basic human instinct to worry about loved ones and how they will cope when the inevitable happens.  I want to make sure that my family and any future children that I may have are well looked after when the times comes.  At first I was quite nervous about thinking so far ahead and about such a sensitive subject, but after sitting down and looking at the different options I now feel less apprehensive about the topic.  It’s nice knowing that for a reasonable amount of money I have the peace of mind that my loved ones will be looked after.

Have you thought about your future?  Have you considered life insurance?

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