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This weekend my cupboards were virtually bare! I know how did we cope I hear you cry?!

Since moving to the countryside which means we live in the middle of nowhere I have been dying to try Tesco’s home delivery service. For my international readers who are not familiar with Tesco’s it is one of the largest grocery retailers in the UK and they have the option of delivering your shopping right to your door after purchasing the items online.

Ok so we moved 4 months ago now and my delay in trying out the delivery service comes down to 3 things:

1. I really enjoy walking around the aisles and being able to feel my fresh produce before purchasing (I’m a freak I know, don’t hate!).

2. I was scared that we would be given all of the crappy fruit and veg that was about to go off.

3. If they didn’t have the particular item on my shopping list what alternative would they replace it with.

I needn’t have worried as everything arrived fresh as a daisy and there were no replacement products this time round. So overall it was a great shopping experience. After a weekend of making do and waiting for our food to arrive it was a huge relief when the delivery guy knocked on the door with our food. I love food and hate empty cupboards!

So using what had left in the fridge and cupboards I managed to whip up some delicious banana and cinnamon pancakes:

These were so light and fluffy inside. I love pancakes on a Sunday usually, but since I was working I didn’t have a chance to make them, so these felt even more like a treat. I added honey, dates and pecans on top, too delicious!

Most of my morning was spent deep cleaning my kitchen. I am a bit OCD about cleaning and although it was pretty ship shape already I gave it more intense tidy up, it now sparkles like in the Mr. Muscle adverts…ha! I was quite satisfied with my efforts after I had finished and rewarded myself with a chopped apple and peanut butter.

This snack never gets old!

For lunch I made my :

Seriously this takes minutes to make and tastes awesome, such a great combo!

By the time my afternoon snack was due I had got some blog work done, job applications and packed away the groceries that had been delivered by then. I snacked on 2 Jazz apples that were in the delivery and a huge mug of peppermint tea.

After picking up Alfie from work we headed over to TK Maxx to look at their home ware department. We ended up picking up quite a lot for our house. I’m think I should get shares in TK Maxx or something as we have bought so much from there recently.

When we got home I made a Ghanaian chicken and okra soup with fufu for dinner:

I loved this! Last time I made the fufu it was on the hob, but this time I tried it in the microwave and it seemed to take so much longer as you really have to beat the stuff into submission. You seem to have more control on the hob too.

Later in the evening I was feeling super snacky so made a bowl of full fat Greek yoghurt with blueberries and cinnamon.

It was great having my groceries delivered to my door.  I’m not sure I would do it all the time as I genuinely do enjoying grocery shopping, but it’s great for really big shops when you need to fill up the cupboards.

Have you ever thought about having your groceries delivered before? If not what has put you off?

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?