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Well I cannot believe that it is time for an “I HEART” post already- where did January go?! It seems that the long, drawn out and mundane January’s are a thing of the past. Although for me it has been quite a busy month with lots of personal projects going on as well as work and everyday life.

With 2012 ending on a personal low for me where my is concerned and the mountain of job applications piling up, on reflection I’m a completely different person. The New Year has really given me that extra boost that I was missing. My spirits are high and I feel like I am soaring at the moment. This month has seen the return of my drive and ambition and I have a much clearer perspective of where I want to be heading. I’m so lucky that I have amazing support network of family and friends, my health and happiness. My dream job will come soon I’m sure of it!

One of my aims for 2013 is to give my body the TLC it needs and is more than going to need it as February is already looking like a busy month with my PhD exam all booked in. I need to work harder than ever to make sure I get my PhD. If I can pull it off it will be my biggest academic achievement and will work wonders for my career. This month there has been many a pajama day and cosy nights in watching DVDs with Alfie. I’m hoping to take this further next month with a couple of pampering sessions; it’s been far too long since I painted my nails.

Being kind to my body also relates to my current fitness ethos. I’ve been concentrating on my yoga practice and strength as per usual, but I’ve been approaching exercise as I do my diet and have been going with the flow. I’m basically doing what my body feels like doing so one week it may be more yoga than strength or vice versa.

To my surprise as a lover of routine I have quite enjoyed this new approach. There is the danger of course of becoming too relaxed and not challenging my body enough, but so far this hasn’t happened. This approach to exercise may not be for everyone but it seems to work for me right now. It’s nice to have the freedom and not to be so regimented. I’ve found that it has added so much variety to my workout routines. I will probably go back to having a workout routine later on, but right now I’m happy doing what I’m doing.

I even did a full Pilates routine this month and I loved it. I’m getting so much enjoyment out of home workouts that I’m scared that I will hate the gym when I re-join.

I’ve been indulging my love shabby chic this month and have been buying lots of new home furnishings. You are all probably sick of hearing about my home décor by now, but it is coming on nicely. I want it all looking perfect before I share it with you all. It’s taking a little longer than planned as we are doing the entire house not a single room.

Sweet Potato, Spinach and Mushroom Crustless Quiche

The blog has really grown in the past couple of months and I was so happy to be able to guest post on the fabulous blog. You can check out my post here! I’ve also received some wonderful emails from my readers you are all truly inspirational people. You’re the best!

I will be recording my January Favourites vlog next week so look out for that.

There are a few things that I want to work on in February, the main thing being my PhD exam.

Goals for February:

· Continue give my body the TLC it needs

· Work hard to prepare for my thesis defense

· Post some draft blog posts that I have started and not finished

· Posts more recipes on the blog

· Drink some red wine and paint my nails (I haven’t done either in so long!)

Everything seems to becoming coming together perfectly at the moment. Fingers crossed it lasts!

What are your highlights from January?

What is your current approach to fitness?

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