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It’s Wednesday already…this week is really flying by! It been another busy one for me so far, but I have Sunday off from work this week so I’m really looking forward to a nice lazy day after all of the madness.

Since it’s Wednesday, that must mean that it’s time for another post!  This week I’m going to rewind back to Monday.

So I started the day with a huge mug of warm water and lemon, which is so fixed in my routine now that it’s the first thing I make when I get to the kitchen in the morning. There has been a great improvement in my digestion since starting this morning ritual.

I then headed to the gym and dis 10 minutes of HIITs on the treadmill and cross trainer and then an upper body workout and 5 minutes on the bike.  I really must have worked hard and lifted heavy as my chest and shoulders are still sore this morning!

When I got home I made a lovely breakfast of smoked bacon rashers, half an avocado and scrambled eggs, yum!

I pottered about the house for most of the morning and got some work done and then made some lunch:

I had a major craving for a baked sweet potato, which I made and had it topped with Greek yoghurt and drippy almond butter with some salad leaves.  This tasted so good!

Later in the afternoon I had to pop out, but knew that I might get a bit hungry so I left the house prepared with a raspberry milkshake made using frozen raspberries, vanilla extract and almond milk.  I also tried a Sculptress Diet Caramel Crunch bar that I have been asked to review by .

This was my first time in trying a meal replacement bar and although it tasted lovely it is rather processed, so not something that I would consider having all of the time.  I much prefer getting my nutrients from something more natural like a Trek bar, but I know that all of us are different and lots of people get on well with these type of bars. I will be posting a full review of these soon!

When I finally made it home I made a Thai red curry using the left over roasted that I had cooked at chicken the weekend with some king prawns with vegetables some roasted kabocha and steamed broccoli on the side.

I love this curry so much, especially with all of that coconut milk!

For dessert I had some fresh strawberries and natural yoghurt topped with cacao nibs and local honeycomb.

This was such a summery dessert, it was really wonderful.  I cannot wait to eat fresh berries again when they come into season.  After the success of last years strawberries I think I might grow some of my own again this year too.

So there’s my WIAW post for this week, quite a tasty day of eats.  I think this post represents everything that I am loving at the moment, simple and tasty food packed full of flavour. I’ve definitely fallen into some healthy habits recently such as making the effort to wake up early and drink my mug of warm water and lemon. Also, I’m very conscious of getting a nice balance of protein, healthy fats and some carbohydrates into my meals too.

What kind of healthy habits are you currently practicing?

Do you find it hard to introduce new healthy habits into your daily routine?

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