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This week I have been pretty frantic for me, it feels like I’m constantly saying that these days.  I’ve got various personal projects on the go work and a home life; I think I’m juggling at least 10 different balls at the same time.


Of course something has had to give and this week that has been my workouts, not too much though I just had to add an extra rest day in Friday.  I was on the road from 9.30 to 5 with various appointments in between and all of the driving left me frazzled.  Taking the extra rest day was definitely the right thing to do.

Monday:  Stretching and my own yoga flow

Tuesday: 20 minutes of HIITs on the treadmill and cross trainer, upper body workout, abs and stretching.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday:  15 minutes of HIITS on the cross trainer and treadmill, lower body workout and abs.

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 3 mile run

I’ve really enjoyed adding some extra cardio to my routine. I felt like I needed to up my game a little bit in the gym so it felt great working up even more of a sweat than usual.

Last night I decided to let my hair down and me and Alfie went into town for cocktails and food at Las Iguanas.

OOTD: flamingo t-shirt, Zara//skinny jeans, Forever 21// wedges, Sole Trader//bracelet, Lola Rose//Hamilton tote, Michael Kors.

It felt so nice to be out enjoying the sunshine and wearing summer wedges instead of boots.

 I started the night with a very tasty Brazilian Bellini.

Food wise we shared a 3 starters of lamb meat balls, calamari, and duck wraps.

My main was a butternut squash chimichanga with all of the trimmings.  I’m happy to say that I was satisfyingly stuffed after all of that.

I’ve been enjoying lots of breakfast smoothies outside in the garden.  The beautiful sunshine really does wonders and I think I’ve had a spring in my step because of it all week.

The pretty pastel lilac colour comes from the fresh blackberries and it also includes apple, avocado and soya milk.  Oh it was so rich and creamy!

Another day another smoothie…apple and frozen summer berries with coconut milk makes for a winning combination.

It’s not been all about smoothies for breakfast this week.  In fact I fancied oats one morning made with just water.  It was sunny outside so it felt a bit weird eating hot oats so I added some lemon curd yoghurt to cool it down and make it lighter.  I also added mixed nuts and blueberry jam.

Yesterday for breakfast I fancied some fried eggs with avocado and so chilli ketchup.  There was a peanut butter and banana smoothie using Maxitones banana protein powder too.  Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, can you tell?!!? =)

My favourite lunch of the week is a salad I made for work on Tuesday I made this lovely salad for work. It included curly lettuce, a chopped pear, pecans, goat’s cheese, raw spicy seeds and beets.

After getting some form work on Wednesday I was starving so want something quick for dinner.  I raided the fridge and grabbed some cherry tomatoes, kale peppers and courgettes to fry up with some eggs and plantain with a blob of tomato sauce.  For a quick meal this was pretty good!

On a late night at work I tend to take my dinner with me as well as lunch.  It means being organised but it means that I don’t have to eat late at night after work.  On his weeks late night I made curried brown rice with raw almonds, garam masala, cumin, coriander, chickpeas and spring onions with steamed broccoli and chilli bean sauce.

Deserts this week have also been tasty…

I loved this raw chocolate bar from the Raw Chocolate Company.

Strawberries seem to be everywhere at the moment so I had some chopped up and topped it with a peanut butter, maple and chocolate avocado pudding which tasted heavenly!

I’m so glad that I managed to listen to my body and give it the extra rest day that it needed.  Listening to your body not only means fueling your body the right way, but also means that you treat it the right way too.  Things are a little bit hectic for me at the moment which means I need to prioritise, cutting down my to-do list and chill out more.

Are you good at listening to your body?  Do you know when to slow down and take it easy?

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