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This week has been very much about pretty florals:

I bought these tulips to add a touch of spring to our lounge. They are the perfect shade of red to match our painted feature wall.

The weather has been incredible this week and I have been making the most of it by spending lots of my free time in the garden, even if it’s just to drink my mug of tea. Our garden has just bloomed in the past couple of weeks and it’s starting to look really pretty with the splashes of colour that the flowers are adding.

I love that magnolia tree; it’s the first thing I see in the morning as it’s practically right outside our bedroom window.

The irises bulbs that I planted are starting to grow. I’m trying to re-create that English country garden feel by planting lots of typical cottage garden plants…it’s getting there slowly!

Due to numerous things occurring during the week I had to get my flexible head on when it came to my workouts:

Monday: 20 minutes of HIITs on the cross trainer and treadmill, lower body workout, abs, 5 minute cool down on the bike.

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: yoga workout

Thursday: 20 minutes of HIITs on the cross trainer and treadmill, upper body workout, abs, 5 minute cool down on the bike.

Friday: REST

Saturday: Tara Stiles Yoga

Sunday: Unplanned REST

I just love my interval training at the moment!  I was planning a run this morning and a strength work out, but I was sent home from work yesterday as I started puking up…eugh! I made it home safely, but let’s just say my car is not looking it’s best.  Just to stay on the safe side I thought it was best not to workout today and just rest.

Despite that little blip I’ve had some great food this week:

Something new to me is veal mince, which I tried the first time this week. Its ground much finer than regular mince and has a lovely taste. I had some in a homemade tomato sauce with cannellini beans on top of some courgette ribbons with grated cheese.

On Wednesday I fancied a curry and cooked some chicken breasts with onion, spinach, coconut milk, tomatoes, garam masala and chilli.  I served this with lots of steamed broccoli and kale on the side.  The curry was lovely and creamy with a hint of spice.

This breakfast was fantastic!  A baked sweet potato topped with Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, crushed hazelnuts and some strawberries on the side.

One day I had to have my breakfast at work and grabbed some strawberries, a banana, almond butter and cacao nibs for a wonderful breakfast.  For something that was really ill planned it tasted lovely.

On Friday I had something a little bit different to start the day. I caramelised some apples and bananas in some coconut oil and had them with strawberries and coconut milk.  I’ve never caramelised bananas before, but I definitely will again- they went sticky and sweet, yum! 

I’ve also been enjoying my usual frozen cherries and and yoghurt combo.  This time with super creamy sheep’s yoghurt with maple syrup and blueberry dark chocolate.

All in all it has been an incredible week starting with the new furniture being delivered and obviously the excitement about my new job (eek!). Thank you so much for your well wishes and supportive s; I cannot wait to get started. Also, my family came over for the day on Friday and we had a lovely lunch, it’s always lovely spending quality time with them. Oh and I also managed to get today off work at the very last minute, so yesterday was officially my last day of working the weekend, yay! 🙂 I’m having a total lazy day today in honour of that fact and recovering from being sick because it would be rude not to.

Also, the winner of the UpRaw giveaway is !

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What have you been getting up to this week? Any mentionable highlights?

Have you tried veal mince or caramelised bananas before?

What are you favourite types of flowers?

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