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Hello everyone, I hope your weeks are going well!  There’s not long until our mutual friend the weekend comes around again and I cannot wait.  The novelty of having the weekends off from work hasn’t worn off yet.

It’s Wednesday, which can only mean that it’s time for another round up.  If you have never joined in WIAW before then check out ’s blog and read all about it there- it’s so much fun!

This week I’m going to give you the low down about Sunday.  It was a great day as I literally did nothing, got to love days like that.  I started the day with some cleansing warm water with a slice of lemon and then made breakfast.

For breakfast I fried some bacon and then some eggs and black pudding using the fat leached from the bacon.  I also got some healthy fats in with half an avocado and added a dollop ketchup on the side.

Alfie is constantly raving about how great black pudding is but I have never tried it mainly due to being put off by it’s ingredients list. We bought some on our grocery shop the day before for me to try and I was quite surprised that I quite liked it.  I would definitely eat it again but I still don’t think that I could eat it on a regular basis.

After breakfast I had a lazy morning and then got ready to fetch the papers.

In the morning I had chopped up some vegetables that needed using and put them in the slow cooker to make a simple soup for lunch.  Despite how simple this was it was pretty tasty ad a great way to make use of those veggies that are almost ready to be thrown out.

After lunch we started a bit of a movie marathon.  Of course it is mandatory that snacks are consumed whilst watching movies.  My snack of choice was a chopped banana, peanut flour paste and raw raisins.

After a quick yoga workout I made dinner.  I had a craving for lots of veggies so made a huge stir fry with mixed vegetables in honey, soy sauce and ginger.  There were also some soba noodles under all of those vegetables.  I adore stir fries as a way to get lots of vegetables into my diet.

For dessert I had a cherry Danio yoghurt topped with frozen cherries, loved this!

In the evening I felt a bit snacky so just went with it.  I ended up with a couple of squares of salted caramel chocolate.  No complaints from me!

It’s so funny how I assumed that I wouldn’t like the taste of the black pudding simply by hearing of others dislike of it’s ingredients.  Marmite is another one for me.  My mum always used to go on about how she hated it and for some reason I don’t like it even though I‘ve never tried it!  Ha…it must be a psychological thing!

Do you have foods that you think that you don’t like but have never tried?

What has your experiences been like when you have tried foods that you once feared?  Were your initial thoughts correct or were you proven wrong?


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