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So Wednesday is upon us again and we are approaching the end of August already. Where has the time gone?

Of course Wednesday means that the WIAW party is in full swing. I love getting I inspiration and meal ideas from other bloggers. If you have t hopped on the WIAW train yet then you can find out more details via Jenn’s website.

For this weeks post up I’m going to share Sundays eats and treats. I woke up earlier on Sunday as I wanted to catch the earliest hot yoga class. I as still on a high from the previous days class that I couldn’t wait to get back. I made sure that I has a snack before hand in the form of a Pink lady apple and my usual warm water and lemon:

Usually I refrain for eating before a workout as I end up feeling sick, but hot yoga is quite intense so thought I could use the extra boost from the apple.

I’m so glad that I had the foresight to pack one of my Macadamia and Coconut Protein Truffles in my gym bag. I’m still trying to get used to the best and it left me feeling light headed again. One of my protein truffles soon sorted that out and plenty of water to rehydrate.

When I got home I made a simple green smoothie:

I added spinach, a banana, shelled hemp seeds, almond milk and coconut water to help with the rehydration, yum!

For lunch I made a chick pea salad using chick peas, red pepper, spring onions, cucumber, black olives and goats cheese. I squeezed over some lemon juice, Italian herbs and a little canola oil as a speedy dressing. Then I added some mixed salad leaves and there you have a quick and satisfying lunch. I made a big batch of the chick pea salad for some work lunches this week.

The snack monster struck later in the afternoon so I fixed myself a little something:

Strawberries and blueberries with coconut cream always go down well in my opinion.

After my experimenting in the kitchen I was so looking forward to dinner. When I go to Greece on holidays one of my favourite native dishes of theirs is Moussaka. It’s not the healthiest of meals with that cream sauce so I decided to put my own spin on the proceedings.

I can’t explain how tasty this! The cheese sauce is low fat and it’s carb free too.  The recipe will sure be on the blog soon, promise!

Sweet and salty popcorn was on the cards for dessert, now that’s a flavour combo that never gets old.

I’m so glad that I went against the my usual grain and fueled before and after my hot yoga class, breakfast on top. Normally my post work out fuel is breakfast after a morning workout and dinner for an evening workout. I think I’m in a better position now to know when my body needs some extra fuel and nourishment.  My word things have changed for the better for me in that respect, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Do you fuel pre- and post work out? What are your go to snacks?

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