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Why hello there, how are you all on this stupendous Wednesday? We’ve made it to the middle of the week already, hope your week’s have treated you well so far. Mine is going ok, but a few air head moments at work this week have left me a little but disappointed in myself. 

Anyways, life goes on an all that jazz. As it’s Wednesday it means that we are in time for this weeks installment. This week I’m going to rewind Saturday when we attended a friends wedding.  It was an Indian wedding and I have never been to one before, however I knew that I was definitely in for a treat. I apologise now for the picture quality, sorry!

We had an early wake up call to get ready on time.  When I eventually did get up I had my warm water with lemon and did a quick yoga session doing my own thing for about 15 minutes, before making breakfast.

It’s had been a while since I made pancakes for breakfast so I whipped up some wholemeal topped with a blueberry compote (made from frozen blueberries and vanilla extract) and desiccated coconut. This pancake stack was incredible and was the perfect fuel for the long day ahead.

A few weeks before the wedding I tried to get my hands on a sari to wear to the wedding.  I just love all of those bright colourful materials and pretty embroidery.  Unfortunately, my plans never came to fruition, but I did have a dress that I thought was suitable:

OOTD:  dress, Warehouse// cardigan, Primark// shoes, Guess//bag, Oasis.

It’s amazing what you have lurking at the back of your wardrobe.  The peacock greens and blues of my dress fitted in wonderfully with everyone’s beautiful jewel coloured outfits.

The wedding ceremony was just stunning and steeped with traditional rituals that was interesting to be a part of.  After the official wedding ceremony we all 500+ guests (there were a lot of us!) sat down for an Indian banquet style vegetarian lunch, whilst the happy couple were having there photos taken. 

There was all sorts going on and so many different flavours on my plate.  I thought I was going to run out of squares at one point as the waiting staff were intent on filling my plate as I went down the line. My personal favourites were the aubergine curry and chickpea curry, so good!

The wedding venue was a beautiful manor house with two spectacular marquees that were used throughout the wedding. 

Later in the evening we were treated to reception drinks and more food!  The first marquee where the ceremony had taken place in the morning had been turned around and set up like a club for the reception drinks and the second marquee is where the evening reception took place.  It looked spectacular, all of the low lighting and fairy lights really created a lovely ambience.

The food wasn’t served until quite late, 10.30 pm, but I was determined to try a bit of every bit that was up for offer. Again it was an Indian banquet style affair for dinner. There was jerra rice, karahi lamb, butter chicken, paneer jalfrezi, mixed vegetable kofta, daal makhani, tandoori lamb and salad and raita. I went on a marathon of some incredible Indian flavours with a pick and mix of the different curries. There was also a trio of desserts afterwards, but I really didn’t have room for that.

Other than my own wedding (biased. me, never!), this wedding was just mind blowingly, ridiculously incredible! Everything was just spot on and the wedding guests were well looked after and catered for. The bride looked stunning, the traditional outfits were fantastic and the food was divine. Some of our university friends were at the wedding too, so it was lovely to catch up with them.  You can probably tell by now that I had an amazing time, definitely a wedding to remember!

Have you been to any memorable weddings lately?

What is your favourite cuisine? After all of that amazing food at the weekend I think Indian food is becoming a firm favourite of mine.

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