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Well, I hope you have some time on your hands as there is a longish post ahead, it’s been a while! Actually it’s not so bad, the reason that this post comes to light is that the amount I eat has come in to question.  This I’m sure was out of concern but It stirred something inside me and since this is an honest warts and all kind of blog I thought that I should address right here.

Those of you who are long time readers will be my familiar with my story and my healthy living journey. Once restrictive and regimented and massively over exercising to the point of feeling guilt stricken if I missed a workout, I am now in a place where i feel like I can relax.  The variety of food in my diet now is a far cry to a couple of years back. For the first time I will admit that I became socially awkward in some respects due to my food choices and eating out was such a pain as I wouldn’t allow myself to eat certain foods.  This I regret immensely as my warped ideals of what I thought was healthy made me miss out on having fun.  It has been a gradual process for me, but one day I woke up and thought ‘f**k it!’ I’m going to eat what the hell I like and I don’t care what people think or whether it’s socially incorrect.  

I personally feel that it’s wrong to judge someone by the amount of food they eat just as its wrong to judge someone because of their size. My eating habits are obviously not going to be the same as the next person.  Who is to say what is right or wrong for each individual?  What gives any one the right to domineer their allegedly more educated opinion on someone else?  We all live on the same planet and breath the same air, but as nature should have it we are all unique individuals and thank God for that! 

What I find that people seem to forget is that not everyone’s needs are the same. And personally it annoys the hell out of me!  I never regularly document everything that I eat on a daily basis on my blog except for participating in the  round ups. This is because C&C is now more diverse and about more than food, it’s essential a healthy living and lifestyle blog now.  I think you would all be bored stiff if I was posting my eats on a daily basis.  Just as my diet is so varied now, so are my eating habits.  As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I eat far more at the weekend than during the week as I’m so busy.  However, on these days when I do eat less I never feel hungry and I always make sure that my body is nourished and satisfied by eating nutrient dense foods and chocolate when I feel like it.  I’ve found that balance is key for me and maintaining this concept throughout my healthy living journey is of upmost importance.  Cutting back and restricting is a big no-no for me personally, I’m far more happier knowing that nothing is off limits.  The fact is I’m naturally drawn to all things green and love eating this way.  Chocolate, cupcakes, gelato, and pastries are an added bonus in my diet, which I never deprive myself of.  What is life if you cannot allow yourself to eat the things that you love?

I’m happy with my body and love my curves, shapely behind and wide hips, thankfully Alfie appreciates them too.  The end product of my eating is essentially my figure and well being.   I’m in a great place at the moment and enjoying life and the way my body looks.  I’m not about to change anything about the way I eat as that would be counter-intuitive, considering how happy and settled I am right now. 

If was to end writing my blog right this minute (hypothetically speaking!) the one major thing that I have learned is how to love my body again!  I must profess that Its not all rosy though.  As a woman I think it’s inherent and simply just down to human nature that I experience body hang ups every now and then. I have days where I feel like a blob when I look in the mirror. But as I progress and develop as a person these days are becoming less and less.  The underlining theme here is that although I am in a far better place than I was and I love my body I’m still a work in progress and there are still a few niggles to iron out.

Celery and Cupcakes turns the grand old age of 3 later this month. I cannot quite believe that I have been blogging that long or even had something to talk about for 3 years, but I do like a good ramble.  Blogging is a major part of my life and I would like to say a big thanks for everyone’s support and Alfie for encouraging me to indulge my love of writing, health and fashion.

Always be yourself and remember to embrace the beauty of being different. We are all beautiful in our own way.  This is conveyed through our own very unique ideals, choices and lifestyles, which help us achieve our optimum best.

How do you feel about others judging the way you eat or what you eat?

Does seeing what others eat influence you in anyway?

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