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My weekend started off on the right foot…

We’ve had a few successes at work in the past few weeks so my manager decided to crack open the champagne to celebrate.  Not much work was done after the champagne started flowing and after the week I’ve had at work it was much appreciated.

After an early night, around 9.30pm on Friday, I felt so refreshed yesterday morning.  So much so that I headed to the gym super early to get in a great workout.

I did a 15 minute run on the treadmill followed by an awesome weights session.  I loved having the gym entirely to myself.

Breakfast was gorgeous.  I baked a sweet potato in the microwave and topped in with creamed coconut milk and frozen berries.  The coconut milk froze around the berries.  I’m not sure why but I seem to be enjoying lots of meals with hot and cold ingredients in them at the moment.

Whilst Alfie was out on his driving lesson I got a bit of work done and made lunch. 

Again another cold and hot meal. I reprised the omelet that I made for dinner the , but this time I stuffed it with roasted peppers instead on mushrooms.  Also, I had some mixed leaves and cucumber and some salsa on the side.  Unfortunately, the omelet broke in the pan a little, but I managed to rescue it and tasted lovely with lots of melty cheese inside.

We had a very successful shopping trip to Ikea and found a fabulous and very functional desk that Alfie has already assembled.  It had been so long since we had made a trip to Ikea that we ended up spending a good few hours just walking around.  We also picked up a few other bits for our home, including a lovely print and picture frame. The apple and mango juice that I drank whilst out was lovely.

Much later in the day this happened…

Pizza and red wine!  I’d been craving this all week so had to make it happen this weekend. We ended up with 2 medium sized pizzas and chicken strips eaten with a good film, perfect Saturday night in!  I never made it to the end of the film as I fell asleep on the sofa…ooops!  I had seen the film before though so I wasn’t too disappointed. We still have plenty of leftover pizza left, so yummy!

I haven’t really got that much planned for today except for baking a banana and coconut loaf, cannot wait for that!

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Great North Run. I hope the weather behaves itself for you all.

What are your favourite things to eat on a Saturday night?  That pizza was fabulous, but we often have a curry, tasty stir fry or something snacky.

What have you been getting up to this weekend?

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