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Hello, you lovely people, how are you in this fabulous day that is Friday?! I always feel that a pat on the back or a mini celebration is in order for making it through the week. Luckily this week has been a little less hectic at work than previous weeks, but there is still plenty to keep me on my toes.

This week I have really enjoyed getting back in the gym and into my normal routine. I’ll be honest there had been some days when I just couldn’t be bothered, but in the end I got to the gym but just did a much shorter workout.

Figs have been the main feature in my meals this week.

I made this crazy delicious snack of fresh figs stuffed with ham and cheese, drizzled with maple syrup and some walnuts thrown I for good measure.  Sweet and salty never gets old!

More so this week, I’ve been loving my porridge oats which included my favourite topping of figs, walnuts, maple syrup and a pinch of sea salt. This really made my belly happy, so good. You can catch my guide to the perfect oats if you missed it.

On the lunch front I’ve been having my usual salads with a homemade salad topper:

Spinach topped with lentils, tomatoes, peppers, black olives, spring onions and creamy goats cheese. I was supposed to add roasted squash to this too but at it all before I got the chance too…ooops!

To celebrate pay day we have a tradition at work to go out for lunch. Since we are so busy at the moment a group of us decided to go to Tuk Cho and had our food to go.  The fish curry that I had with jasmine rice was lovely. It’s given an idea for a recipe too, so watch this space.

Iโ€™m more than ready for the weekend.  There is a vintage fair in town tomorrow so Iโ€™m off to that for a good old rummage.  Iโ€™m hoping that they have some lovely bits just waiting for me to snap up. Other than that I think itโ€™s going to be a quiet one.

What is your favourite autumnal fruit? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious from this post that figs are high up there on my list.

Do you and your work colleagues have a special way to celebrate pay day?

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