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Finding the right shoe that fits your feet perfectly can be a difficult task.  I hold my hands up and will say that I haven’t been the best carer of my feet in the past.  There have been times where I have forced them into shoes that although were the correct size, they may not have been necessarily the right fit or shape for my feet.

Your feet carry and support your entire body weight and so treating them right is of upmost importance. Bad foot care can lead to extreme discomfort which can eventually effect the way that you walk and stand.   Here are some tips to make sure you have healthy and happy feet:

  • Dry your feet thoroughly after washing including in between your toes
  • Remove hard skin from the soles of your feet using a foot file or pumice stone
  • Trim your nails straight across the nail to prevent ingrowing toe nails
  • Change your socks daily- an obvious one but you may be surprised by the amount of people who don’t do this
  • Moisturise your feet to prevent dry skin

Wearing the correct type of shoe for your feet will also help prevent discomfort and potential problems.  I love wearing heels, but it’s so hard finding a comfortable pair that doesn’t pinch my toes and make my lower back ache.  Something like Vionic shoes combine fashion and function and are designed to restore natural foot alignment.  You can also look after your feet whilst working out by getting your gait measured and getting a specialised assessment on the perfect trainers for your feet.  To go one step further running insoles are great for customising your trainers to give you the best performance whilst running. There are a variety of different insoles available to buy depending on you individual needs.

Investing some time in your feet and wearing the correct shoes means that your feet will be in tip top condition to carry you anywhere.

Are you vigilant about looking after your feet?

Do you value style over comfort when it comes to your shoes?

*post contains contextual links but as always all opinions are my own