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First week back. Done. I was dreading this week after having all of that time off, but I safely made it to the end of the week unscathed – hope you all did too! I’ve very much been getting back to my old routine of early starts and late finishes, but I have been making every effort to fit in my workouts around this in a more organised way than the end of last year. 

I was even up at 5.30am on Friday morning for a run to the next village and back.  Despite tripping, spraining my ankle and almost falling in a ditch, ironically recapturing my balance and  spraining my ankle saved me from falling in said ditch, it was a really good run.  I felt extremely virtuous for the rest of the day and thankfully didn’t fall asleep at my desk either…win!  My ankle has been a little bit swollen and tender since, but this morning it seems fine.

There has been plenty of green smoothie action this week.  I’ve had a smoothie nearly everyday this week. 

This one was a banana, peanut butter, spinach, vanilla protein powder and almond green smoothie, drank on  the way to work.  My poor blender has been working over time this week and it’s still going strong.  I want to unleash the Vitamix soon, but my current Kitchen Aid blender still has lots of life in it yet.

Another favourite smoothie of mine are hot oat smoothies, which I haven’t had in a while.  For this one I blended frozen berries, banana, vanilla protein powder and plain hot oats.  The smoothie goes all thick and creamy.  I topped it with macadamia nuts, dried blueberries and coconut.

I’ve also been using the last of my figs…

…with organic natural yoghurt, peanut butter and honey, seriously delicious.

Yesterday I went shopping with Alfie in High Wycombe as he needed some more clothes for work.  I decided to wear one of my new dresses for the trip and managed to take a sneaky pic in M&S whilst Alfie was on the Men’s department.  The things I do for blogging…

OOTD: dress, Urban Outfitter’s//coat, Urban Outfitter’s//tights, Tu @ Sainsbury’s//boots, Zalando//bag, Ralph Lauren//owl earrings, Accessorize//watch, Michael Kors//bracelet, Lola Rose.

I love my dress and it’s so easy to wear. I have been wearing dresses everyday this week as my jeans still pinch a little bit after the excess at Christmas, but not to worry I’m sure I will be  back in them soon enough.

We stopped off at Wagamama for lunch and had quite a feast.  We shared the starters of chilli salt edamame and squid and then I had the yasai chilli men for my main.   When it arrived I thought it looked like pasta with ratatouille, but it fact it was noodles with tofu and veggies.

It was a really nice day out and I managed to pick up some bargain jeans, cigarette pants and a gingham shirt for myself from GAP too.  I‘m very lucky in the fact that Alfie actually enjoys shopping,  We used to shop together a lot before we started dating and always gave great advice, he was like the non-gay best friend that I never had!

My favourite dinner this week was this salad, full of my favourite things:

Roast chicken, avocado, crispy sea weed, lettuce, grated carrot, beets and hummus.  It really was tasty and very satisfying for an evening meal too.

Right now I’m very aware of my size after indulging over Christmas and I so feel very self conscious and a little heavy, hence all of the dress wearing.   Buying the jeans from GAP assures me that I have every faith  that I will get back in them again.  It may take a couple of weeks, but I’m not going to stress myself over it.  Now that I’m back eating more balanced and healthier foods to nourish my body those skinny jeans will be back out of the wardrobe again soon. 

Do you enjoy shopping with your partner/boy friends?  Have you ever tried hot oats in your smoothies?

What have you been up to this week?

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