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…now that is a breakfast worthy of a Sunday morning.  I think Sunday’s are fast becoming my favourite day of the week, especially the mornings.  They are leisurely, quiet and everything seems right with the world.  The Sunday morning just gone was just perfect and I have chosen this particular day for this weeks .

I woke up particularly early for a weekend and had a mug of warm water and lemon and did some blogmin (answering blog related emails) before getting round to making that awesome breakfast.  We picked up some quinoa and amaranth rye bread on our weekly shop.  Alfie was quite excited by it as it reminded him of his days when he lived in Denmark as an exchange student.  I toasted the rye bread and topped it with molasses cured bacon, fried eggs and avocado with some ketchup. OMG! This was amazing, I knew there was a reason why I loved Sundays.  I had mine with a mug of Italian almond tea that we picked up in Sri Lanka.  I’m hoping that I can find some here as I’m running low on tea bags.

The rest of the morning was spent cooking and watching Sherlock in my PJ’s before heading to my spinning class.  It was another intense class, but I’m loving it at the moment.  These classes just seem to fly by.

When I got home and changed it was time for lunch, so I made a big batch of salad for work this week and ate some for lunch too.  It was a lovely salad of mixed peppery salad leaves, roasted squash, green lentils, macadamia nuts and Brie.  This is proof that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and hard work – it can be easy, vibrant and flavourful.

In the afternoon I got some work done and some more cooking and baking.  I ended up making some rice and peas, a lamb Caribbean style stew, a big batch of soup for lunches this week and some gluten and refined sugar free Raspberry and Orange Muffins for snacking on.

These muffins taste really lovely, so I had one with a cup tea whilst taking a break from work – recipe will be appearing on the blog next week!

We were heading out to the cinema later in the evening to watch 12 Years a Slave and decided to have an early dinner.  We had the lamb Caribbean style stew, rice and peas (edamame beans) and steamed greens for an easy dinner before heading out to see the film.

Seriously the film is epic! Evocative, emotive and profound and so many other things.  I really enjoyed it and it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m very into black history so it really struck a cord with me.  I took a small bar of dark chocolate to snack on during the film and that seemed to satisfy my movie munchies.

We got home quite early after the film, meaning that I could get my work stuff together for the next day and enjoy a mug of liquorice and peppermint tea before bed.

It’s funny the way food can affect us, not only in the way we feel health wise, but the way that it can be connected with memories too.  Rye bread reminds Alfie of his time in Denmark and Sunday roasts remind me of my Nan’s house as I was always there at the weekend when I was younger.  She always cooked a fabulous roast with all the trimmings – another reason to love Sundays!

Do you have a favourite breakfast that you like to make on a Sunday?

What foods remind you of home?

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