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One look that I have been seeing around the internet and seems to becoming quite popular is the combination of stripes and bright colours.  Some fashion combinations such as colour blocking, stripes and florals and clashing prints have passed me by and personally I’m not sure if I could pass them off successfully, however this is something that I could get on board with.

Here’s some of my favourites from the stripes and brights fashion brigade:

1. Striped linen top,

2. Wide coat,

3. Striped dress with low cut back, Zara

4. Disco point court,

5. Orange box clutch bag, River Island

6. Youth culture bomber jacket by Jovanna, Topshop

7.Coral wavy textured pencil skirt, New Look

8. Stretch trousers,

I really do love this look and you don’t even have to embrace it full.  You could simply wear a nautical dress and pair it with some bright coloured shoes or a bright bag to still get that stripes and brights look.  I think I may have to hit the shops this weekend as this is such a great spring/summer look that anyone can pull off, even me.

Do you like clashing two different looks in your outfits?

Which fashion combinations have passed you buy?

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