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Happy Friday friends! I don’t know about you, but I will be happy to get rid of the rain that has been lingering like a bad smell over the past couple of days.

The sunny weather over the bank holiday weekend was beautiful and got me rummaging around my summer wardrobe. I picked out one of my favourite maxi dresses – a nautical striped number which I teamed up with a floral scarf, leather jacket and pumps. Although the sun was shining it was no way near flip-flop weather so they stayed locked away in my wardrobe until another time.

Breton stripes and tea…two of my favourite things!

OK, so the picture above is an old one of said maxi dress taken pre-pregnancy a few years ago. Since becoming pregnant it hasn’t stopped me wearing one of my favourite fashion trends.  There is a theory that stripes can enhance your curves or make you look bigger than you are, which for me personally I think is complete rubbish.  I’ve been wearing stripes with or without bump for a long time and it hasn’t really affected the way my shape looks.  I think that they look great on any shape or size, but that’s just me. Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favourite stripy pieces from the high street, which I’ve picked out after doing a spot of window shopping on the internet. 

1. 14k Gold Fill Chain Anchor Necklace, Etsy

2.  Strip Raglan Tee, Topshop 

3. Jersey Vest Top,

4. Wedge Heel Espadrilles,

5.  Nautical Clutch Bag, Etsy

6. Stripe Slub Sweat,

7. Elsie Stripe Dress,

8. Maxine Scarf, French Connection

All of those stripes have sent my eyes funny!  I actually already have the jersey vest top from H&M and absolutely love it as it has a lovely loose fit which offers enough room to grow into, without being maternity wear.  If you’re not really into Breton stripes I think that something like the scarf is a nice way of dipping your toes in without going the whole hog, so to speak.

What I love about the nautical look is that it’s never out of fashion and in the shops season after season.  If I invest in a piece of clothing I know that it’s not going to be a total waste of money. This is such a timeless and versatile look, which will suit a lot of people.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – hopefully it will involve something stripy!

Are you a fan of nautical stripes?  What is your all time favourite fashion trend at the moment? 

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