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Whether I’m working or whether it’s the weekend I always have a hot drink in the afternoon.  There is something just so comforting about finding a quiet space and taking some time out with a lovely mug of your favourite hot drink.  For me this may be a chai latte, herbal tea or on the odd occasion a coffee.  

I always start my day with warm water and lemon and a warm drink with breakfast, but this is very routine. My afternoon drink always seems that more special for some reason, I actually look forward to it.  

Generally, I like my afternoon break to be completely disassociated with work – that is the point of taking a break after all, no?  I will either read a book, catch up on the news or check out my social media accounts.  Going out for a coffee break is something that is even more special and such a treat.  These occasions are made even more of a treat as I tend to always buy a cake or something to eat alongside my drink, especially if I’m meeting friends.

When at home I sometimes try to recreate some of my favourite coffee shop drinks like chai lattes for my afternoon breaks.  We’re now lucky to have a coffee machine at home, which can be used to make a whole host of different hot drinks.  You can even get  to help you get your coffee fix at home.  My afternoon drink is always accompanied by my afternoon snack…it would be rude not to. 

How do you like to spend your afternoon breaks?  Do you have a particular ritual or drink that you like to have in the afternoon? 

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