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I’m so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.


As you read this, I’m on a little mini break in north Yorkshire with Alfie having a lovely time relaxing and exploring.  Last Sunday we went for a late evening walk around our village.  We covered at least 2-3 miles and took in all of the beautiful scenery which I caught in some of the snaps above.  The countryside is looking beautiful at the moment, there are golden fields in bloom, which even on a grey day look sunny.   Lots of walks in the countryside are definitely on the cards in the future, love them!

Before our walk we had a little mini impromptu BBQ in the garden – the sun was shinning so we thought why not?   We had grass-fed beef burgers, plantains and salad.  Imagine another plate like this but with venison sausages and some paprika fries…heaven! 

My  have been a dream this week for easy snacks.  Instead of using them for snacking, I’ve also used them for my yoghurt bowls too.  This was fresh blueberries and strawberries, organic natural yoghurt (full fat) and one of my bars crumbled up, so good. 

This pan-fried salmon fillet was great served with a mix of broccoli, spring onions, new potatoes, cannellini beans, edamame beans and chilli in a green pesto sauce.  It sounds like quite a mish-mash, but is so worked! 

Ahhh…my beloved soda bread, toasted and topped with cashew butter, cinnamon and honey.  I had this with a chopped apple and blueberries. I’m addicted to summer berries right now.   

These prosciutto ham, red onion and soft cheese egg muffins or crustless quiches made a beautiful lunch.  I was reminded of how easy lunches like this are to make when I came across my very old recipe last weekend.  I think I might have to blog the recipe sometime soon.  

On Friday I was totally winning, I had edited a video, got in a gym workout and a green smoothie all before 9 am…score.   This post-gym smoothie was great to restore my energy levels as it was quite a sweaty workout. A simple spinach, banana, almond milk and vanilla protein powder smoothie always tastes good! 

My workouts this week looked like this:

Sunday – 2 – 3 mile walk in the countryside 

Monday – morning gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Tuesday – REST

Wednesday – morning gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Thursday –  REST

Friday –  morning gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Saturday –  walking

Sunday – walking

I’m quite happy with my workouts this week and I’m still enjoying them, I flunked at getting my yoga in though, always next week!  Whilst we are away this weekend I haven’t planned any particular workouts, but I’m sure that there will be lots of walking involved and exploring, which suits me fine. 

Yesterday my bump turned the grand old age of 23 weeks! I feel like I’ve really found my pregnancy groove now and settled into my changing body nicely.  All of the niggles from my first trimester are no more and I’m loving pregnancy and our growing baby boy so much.  He’s such an active baby and moving lots.  With his bigger kicks you can actually see my bump move now, which is lovely and very surreal.  I’m trying to track his movements throughout the day, he’s an early riser and very active in the evening and the middle of the night.  If his movements in the womb correspond with his feeding patterns when he’s born then I’m going to be one tired mama. 

I’ve now become one of those pregnant ladies that constantly rubs her belly, talks to and plays music to her bump.  This little baby will come out dancing at this rate! 😉 Seriously, I love being pregnant and thinking about our new arrival makes me so happy! It’s also lovely calling my bump by the name that we have chosen for him too, he’s so precious and magical to us. Last week at the Baby Show it was so nice getting some essential equipment that we need for his arrival – it made it seem all that real.  I’ve been updating our baby budget spreadsheet and so far we have come under budget on everything we have bought, such savvy shoppers! 🙂 

Well,  I’m probably out walking somewhere in the lovely Yorkshire countryside.  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Do you enjoy walks in the countryside?  What are your favourite things about the area where you currently live?

What is the best thing that you have eaten this week?