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As far as Monday’s go, this week mine started off with a little ray of sunshine…

On Monday morning I was surprised with an unexpected delivery from the florist.  These stunning flowers turned up on my doorstep, a gift from a lovely client that I had been working with the week before on a very exciting blog project that I cannot wait to share with you soon. This beautiful bouquet of flowers was the cherry on the cake of what was already an awesome time working with them.  


My motto in life is ‘do what you love.’ I even have this affirmation printed and framed and it hangs on my wall to remind myself of this everyday, it really helps!  Life is far too short to spend it doing something that doesn’t make your heart sing.  I’m really lucky to have found something that I’m really passionate about.  I’m not going to spout on about rainbows and unicorn crap as it’s not all plain sailing, freelancing is bloody hard work.  However, it’s something that I believe in and genuinely enjoy so it’s most definitely worth it.   

Not only has been my week been pretty epic work wise, I’ve been eating some mega tasty food too.

I was attending an event in London on Wednesday and it was such a beautiful day.  Rather than having an ice-cream I decided to have an ice-cold milkshake instead.  I’ve been raving on about how much I love coconut this week on the blog and when I spotted this coconut milkshake, it had my name on it.  Definitely the right choice as it was heavenly! 

Post-workout green smoothies are a staple in my week and right now I’m loving the simple things in life.  This was as simple as it gets just banana, spinach, unsweetened almond milk and vanilla protein powder.  If you are yet to try green smoothies then I highly suggest that you start with something basic like this, the spinach is well disguised so you can’t even taste it.  Read all about green smoothies and their health benefits in my guide to them here.  

Mainly due the hot weather, dinner’s have been pretty simple this week.  I’m not the biggest fan of steaks, but realise that the red meat is good for the baby, so steak was on the meal plan for this week.  Flash fried in the pan (until fully cooked for me), served with a peppercorn sauce and a salad created a quick and easy dinner ready in under 15 minutes.

Even though it has been boiling this week, one morning it was looking rather gloomy.  I opted for a warm bowl of porridge made with water and almond milk, finished off with half a chopped banana, honey and cinnamon.  This was a his and hers breakfast as Alfie had exactly the same thing, which is actually becoming a more regular occurrence in our house – no green smoothies yet though!


On Saturday morning I fancied some cherries and I only had frozen ones, hence I warmed them in the microwave for a few minutes to take the chill off and added organic natural yoghurt and some granola for a delicious weekend breakfast. 

Alfie was watching the football on Friday night and was eating ‘football munchies,’ pizza and fries.  However, I did manage to tempt him to have some salad on his plate too, which he ate and enjoyed!  I was initially tempted by the pizza, but had a big bowl of salad too fully loaded with some of my favourite things.  Mixed leaves, grated carrot and cheese, tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumber and avocado, loved this!  I also loved the slice of pizza that I stole from Alfie’s plate too! πŸ˜‰

This week my workouts have looked like this:

Monday – afternoon gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Tuesday – 30 minute walk and evening yoga stretches

Wednesday –afternoon gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Thursday – REST

Friday –  morning gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Saturday – REST

Sunday – short walk and prenatal yoga

Not a bad week exercise wise at all.  I’m really happy that I managed to fit 3 gym workouts in and some walking too, but wish that I could have squeezed in some more yoga.  I’m just happy that I’m still able to enjoy my workouts and keep my fitness levels up throughout my pregnancy, especially since we are heading into the third trimester in a few weeks…eek!


I can’t believe that we’re at the 26 week point already! Time is just flying by at the moment. Although there is nothing much to report in regards to the little one this week. Apparently at this stage he is bulking out and putting on fat, hence my forever expanding bump – it’s really grown over the last few weeks.  I’m so in love with my bump! 

There has been a lot of congestion, sniffling and headaches for me over the past couple of weeks, which could be pregnancy related, but my hay fever has been awful recently too.  I’ve been looking into natural remedies to calm it down, so any suggestions are welcome.  I’ve also been looking at organic baby skin care products and really like the look of Green People and Weleda.  Burt’s Bee’s also have a lovely natural range especially for babies called Baby Bee, cute! 

To celebrate Alfie’s first (unofficial) Father’s Day we are actually spending the weekend in London, with dinner, a theatre show and a fancy hotel booked.  I’m sure I will share all on the blog soon. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend in the sunshine and a Happy Father’s Day to all those special dad’s and daddy’s-to-be! 

Do you ‘do what you love’?  Do you have any daily affirmations that motivate or inspire you?


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