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Hello lovely people, hope your all having a great week!  It’s Wednesday already, we’re half way there. 🙂


Well, my super productive working weekend may have back fired as on Monday I was sleepy as hell.  I’m not sure what happened, but as soon as I woke up I wanted to go back to bed.  I didn’t though as I had things to do, however the gym was out of the question and it was straight downstairs to make my warm water and lemon drink and breakfast instead.  Mmm…creamy porridge oats made with unsweetened almond milk, a pink lady apple (my favourite!), raisins and cinnamon.  

Salad WIAW.jpg

At some point mid-morning I ended up snacking on an un-pictured slice of ginger cake and had a long nap till about 1pm too.  I obviously needed the extra sleep and it seemed to do the job because I felt less groggy afterwards.  After waking from my slumber I worked on a recipe that I was developing for a website and used some of the leftovers for lunch.  A wonderful bowl of spicy Mexican beans, mixed leaves and all of the trimmings such as avocado, Greek yoghurt, jalapeños and salsa, yum! 

dinner WIAW

Since lunch was so late I didn’t need my usual afternoon snack and had an early dinner instead.  Right now we get our groceries delivered on a Tuesday, so by dinner time on Monday we were down to the last bits in the fridge.  One of my pet peeves is an empty fridge.  For me a full fridge is essential, what can I say? I love food!  We managed to rustle up something for dinner, fortunately we had some Aberdeen angus beef burgers in the freezer that we had with salad and plantain.  This wasn’t bad at all and the plantain really hit the spot. 

Look what I found hiding in the fridge.  I’d totally forgotten that I had bought this and snacked on a couple of squares in the evening.  It’s very rich and bitter and I can only manage a couple of squares at a time, but oh so good!  A little while after this I decided to get an early night so I was all refreshed to hit Tuesday running.  

Not a very inspiring day of food, but this was the reality of my Monday.  Literally a day revolving around sleep and eating, oh and that thing called work.  Oh well, thankfully Tuesday was 100% better and I’m back to my usual self. 

Have you ever had a day where all you wanted to do is sleep?

Do you like bitter dark chocolate?  How bitter can you go?

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