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October has just flown by, but for me it has been the most incredible month EVER!

For the whole of this month I feel like I’ve been lost in a wonderful baby bubble since little Aiden’s arrival.  We’re still finding our feet with our new reality, but we are having so much fun along the way.  All of the challenges that being a new parent brings are far outweighed by the amount of joy our baby boy has brought into our lives.  

It’s overwhelming at times and there are moments where I’m not sure how I’m still going with little sleep, but thankfully I’m coping better than I thought I would.  I have a whole post planned on my life as a new mama and my thoughts, but even in these early days I do feel like a different person, it’s really weird.

This being a landmark month with our , it’s been about him and nothing else, however Celery and Cupcakes has been featured in a couple of amazing places.  It’s so lovely to see my little blog grow!

My Blueberry & Almond Polenta Cake has been featured in an (page 56). I’m totally in love with how it’s been presented and it has given me some ideas for the future.

Also, I’ve been featured in my first publication!  My  Salted Almond Butter Flapjack recipe is in this months issue of Women’s Fitness UK with a lovely write-up about the blog too. 

This month I shared some lovely recipes on the blog such as my ,  and more recently my Hot Chocolate Chia Smoothie. 

My favourite posts published on the blog this month:


I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months as some of my favourite seasonal holidays are coming up: starting with Halloween then Bonfire Night and Christmas.  I just love this time of year!

Last month I focused a lot on self-love and the importance of taking some , documenting my thoughts on the blog.  Now more than ever I can relate to this as caring for Aiden takes up most of my time, its crazy how the hours disappear in the day.  Being with him is my priority, but I also realise that to be at my absolute best for him I need to take care of myself as well.  So far, I’ve treated myself to some new clothes and packed away my maternity wardrobe and I’ve tried to take naps during the day when I can.  Putting on some make up in the morning, making an effort with my clothes and cooking a nutritious meal makes such a big difference. To be honest, just 5 minutes to myself is something that I cherish and I don’t feel guilty for it.  I know that caring for myself is just as important as caring for my baby boy.

Life is such a balancing act now and I am finding it hard to prioritise certain things.  I’m someone who is super organised and always on the go.  I relish in the art of being able to do it all. Now I’m lucky if I manage to get the washing up done some days – it’s all about the ‘small little victories’ for me at the moment.  Spending time with my little dude is my main priority and everything else will hopefully fit round that with ease eventually.  It has definitely been a time of readjustment and major changes for me, but it’s all worth it.  Everything right now is just a crazy kind of perfect!

How has October been for you?  How do you cope with change and readjustments?