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So far, and I’m loving everything about being a mama, this month has been my favourite. Aiden has reached a really lovely stage in his development where he is curious about everything and his little personality is starting to shine through, his big beaming smile melts my heart.

We’ve had so much fun together and have got out to different playgroups.  Earlier this month we started a baby massage course and a baby music class which he loves. Aiden loves seeing all the other babies as well as the bright lights, singing and dancing in his classes and I’ve found a lovely network of mums who I really get on with too.  Of course, a big landmark in this third month was which was very special.  

Now I feel that I’m definitely in the swing of mamahood and found my groove.  I’m no longer scared about making the wrong decisions all the time and I have every faith in my instincts. Fair enough, no day is ever the same and we have our moments where things don’t go to plan, but overall it could be a lot worse.  We’re very blessed that Aiden is such a chilled out happy baby…well most of the time! 


We’re still coping well in this department and haven’t had any hiccups so far and my supply still seems to be good.  What really struck me is how little time AJ now needs to feed, in the early days, he would feed for up to an hour sometimes, but now he can feed for less than 10 minutes. Initially, I was worried that he wasn’t eating enough, but the midwife at the Babycafe, we go to, assured me that this was just his digestive system becoming more efficient.  Also, after weighing him last week, I’m rest assured that he’s gaining weight well.

At the moment I have an irregular pattern of expressing early in the morning when I seem to have the most milk, but I don’t do this every day, probably only 3-4 times a week if that. One thing, that I want to do now, is get into more of a routine with pumping so that I can stockpile milk for a rainy day.  

Sleep Deprivation

This month Aiden has been brilliant with sleeping at night and still only wakes up twice to feed, there has even been the odd occasion where he only wakes up once…score!  A lovely thing now is that he wakes up to feed and then will drift off again without needing to be settled.  So now that he is feeding for shorter periods and soothing himself back to sleep I feel like I get a better night’s sleep all round.  He’s still spending half the night co-sleeping in our bed, in fact, he’s napping in it now as I write this.  We really want him to get back into sleeping in his moses basket the whole night because he will be moving into his nursery in a few months.  It’s going to be a difficult habit to break because he loves his snuggles during the night, but it’s going to make the transition into his own room easier. 

Napping during the day is still unpredictable, some days it’s only for 30 minutes and other times it’s for a 4-hour stint.  Now he seems to like having a lie-in until around 9 am after his morning feed and then on a good day will sleep again at around 12.30-1.30 pm for about 1-4 hours.  On a bad day I have to nap next to him to get him to sleep and then sneak out of the bed, but I guess it means I get to rest too which isn’t a bad thing. 


I have a post coming up later this week about my feelings and thoughts about my postpartum body and my goals for 2015, so will leave that for then. 


As I mentioned above, my confidence has definitely grown this month and I’m more settled in my new role. Going to these playgroups and talking to other mothers about their experiences has definitely helped me in this area – it’s reassuring discovering that your baby is behaving similarly to others.  Also, speaking to midwives and health visitors that sometimes attend these groups has been interesting and has helped me understand why Aiden might do certain things.  We’ve also established a bit of a daily routine, where I can get things done, play with Aiden, take him to a baby group and he gets his naps in too – it’s not always as straightforward as it sounds, but we’re getting there.

Aiden milestones

My little man has come on wonderfully this month with exploring this big wide world.  He takes a keen interest in his toys, grasping them and hitting them with more confidence which is lovely to see.  We’ve noticed that Aiden is quite loud too, he’s recently discovered the higher part of his voice box and makes these funny squealing sounds sometimes. Being such a talkative baby means that he’s learning and trying out different sounds all the time which is why I’ve started to read to him already, much to my enjoyment. His movements are more fluid and purposeful, even rolling over a couple of times too, but not in one fluid motion yet.  Also, he likes to pull at my hair and tops; beams genuine smiles of amusement; recognises my voice from others; can hold and lift his head unaided. 

A few weeks back I downloaded the Wonder Week App, which tells me when Aiden’s going through a developmental leap, which is good because it alerts me when he’s going to go through a horrible fussy period and become more clingy.   Right now, Aiden likes to put everything in his mouth, chomping on his own fists and even my fingers!  He can get very dribbly, so we think that he’s showing the early signs of teething. 

It’s so lovely to watch my little boy discover more about his surroundings each and every day. The time is just flying by and I can’t believe that he’s going to be 4-months soon, actually it’s quite scary how fast the time has gone.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what Aiden gets up to next month, he’s becoming such a little cheeky monkey already. 

What was your favourite moment in your baby’s development?

Have you recently begun a new role?  Do you feel settled and confident yet?

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